'WJ Live': Journalism School Literally Cancels Student for Telling Truth About Jacob Blake

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A journalism student in Arizona shared a simple tweet providing more context surrounding the shooting of Jacob Blake. Her school quickly removed her from a management position for violating “social media guidelines.” Sadly, her story isn’t an outlier.

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In this episode:

  • 0:47 — Rae’Lee Klein was removed from her job for sharing important context on the Jacob Blake arrest.
  • 15:40 — Did Trump go too far when he called CNN “dumb bastards” during an Arizona rally?
  • 29:11 — Why is Facebook continuing to stay silent after censoring the story about Hunter Biden’s emails?

Quotes from this episode:

“The left is only interested in championing the causes of women who believe as they do.” — George Upper [Editor: 00:03:28]

“As a woman where the left champions for you all the time, wants to empower you, the minute you say you’re a conservative woman, they want to shut you down. They don’t want to hear it.” —Rae’Lee Klein [00:05:15]

“I think censorship is shining bright and beautiful our in our nation right now, which is very, very disappointing to see not only as a journalist who got into the field to bring truth and integrity back to the organization and the career field, but as a young American who is very proud of their country and very proud of everything it stands for.” — Rae’Lee Klein [00:06:10]

“One side gets completely bullied in silence and the other side gets uplifted and promoted.” — Rae’Lee Klein [00:08:07]

“The entire point of journalism is to hold the powerful accountable, especially in how they treat the weak.” — Josh Manning [00:13:33]

“I think a lot of people just feel so stifled and so just defeated from it because it is a very large, quote unquote, monster that we’re up against here. But I don’t think it’s impossible.” — Rae’Lee Klein [00:23:53]

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“It doesn’t matter that Goliath is the one making it wrong. If you’re a little David, you still have to stand up to it. You still have to fight for what’s right.” — Rae’Lee Klein [25:40]

Don’t miss an episode of “WJ Live” by getting it delivered directly to your inbox! Subscribe to the “WJ Live” newsletter.

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