Woke Educators Freak as Grassroots Student Protests Against COVID Mandates Sweep Blue State - Videos


Though many states are either relaxing or ending mask mandates, some states are holding onto them. Now, however, students are protesting these policies.

In Washington state, students are standing up against mask mandates in school, showing that they have had enough.

“We’re done wearing masks,” students said at Washougal High School as they walked out of class, The Post Millenial reported.

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The students tried to go into the school, but since they were not wearing masks, they were turned away from the building and out into the parking lot.

The protest was staged by students with Turning Point USA, a nonprofit organization that advocates for conservative principles on college and high school campuses, according to the Post Millennial report.

The students reportedly have refused to return to class until the mask mandates for students are lifted.

Washington is known as a heavily blue state and currently is completely run by Democratic lawmakers, Ballotpedia reported.

Do you think it's right for students to protest the mask mandates?

But while Washington keeps its mask mandates, other heavily blue states are ending theirs.

New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Oregon are all planning to end school mask mandates in March. New York is expected to announce a change to its mandates soon. Even California is lifting the indoor mask mandate for vaccinated people (though masks will still be required in schools), NPR reported.

But students in Washington are clearly fed up with the mask requirement.

Maddy Oerding, the president of the TPUSA chapter at Washougal High School said that the school administrators have threatened to suspend her over the mask issue.

“I’m hoping that this will make a big impact and for them to realize that us, as students, are done with this,” she said.

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The students at Washougal were not the only ones in Washington to protest the mask mandate. These student protests have been spreading across Washington.

At Hockinson High School, students entered the building without masks and administrators kicked them out. The students then stayed outside to protest the mask requirement, according to The Gateway Pundit.

Union High School has similar protests.

“When you speak up for your freedoms, you’re going to be heard. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the parking lot or inside the school,” a student at Union High School said.


At Amboy Middle School students began protesting at the beginning of the week.

Katie Daviscourt, who has been covering these protests, tweeted that “Students told me they march around the field from 7:30am to 3:00pm. They won’t return until it’s lifted.”

In the video, students can be heard chanting, “What do we want? Freedom. When do we want it? Now.”

Other schools in Washington, such as Battleground High School and South Bend High School, had similar scenes as students protested.

As seen in the videos, and reinforced by students leaders who started this protest movement in Washington, these are peaceful protests.

Cade Costales, one of the student leaders at Washougal, made this clear to 770 KTTH radio.

“I made sure to reiterate the fact that we were going in peacefully and respectfully,” Costales said. “If we were asked to leave, then we would all leave for the day. And so as soon as the bell rung, we walked into the building, and we were met with our principal and four other faculty members. And they announced over the group that if our intent was to walk in without a mask, then they asked us to leave, and that is exactly what we all did — 75 to 100 students were absent that day.”

Costales said that he and many other students who are protesting masks are doing so because this no longer seems to be a health issue.

“Our biggest frustration is that … we feel that it’s not necessarily about our health anymore,” he said. “Because even the masks that they provide at the school are made out of cloth, and the CDC has come out and said that the cloth masks are ineffective to prevent and stop the spread of COVID. So we just feel that it’s kind of pointless at this point.”

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