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Woman Begs for Help Finding Dress for Little Girl with Autism and Strangers Don't Disappoint


For all our complaints about social media, it does enable us to band together when necessary. Technology has also proven that community doesn’t stop at the end of our streets, but that we can make a positive difference for someone living across the world.

When her friend was in need, Deborah Price posted a call for help on Twitter. Her tweet was accompanied by a photo of a gray dress that her friend’s daughter was outgrowing.

“Friend’s autistic daughter only wears this dress. Don’t judge,” Price tweeted. “Sometimes people can’t cope with certain stuff &it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things does it.”

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Although it was a long shot, Price hoped that someone on her Twitter feed would recognize the outfit.

“Question is has anyone got this @nextofficial dress from 3yrs ago in age 11plus & if so can we buy them off you?” Price’s tweet continued.

It wasn’t long before people started tweeting in response. Even strangers offered to help out.

“I don’t have the dress, but if it would help I’d be happy to get some of the fabric (Is it just plain black T-shirt cotton?) and try to make a similar one for her,” one person wrote.

“I have managed to find two for sale on ebay, unfortunately neither are the right size but I am wondering if they could be altered to fit?” another stranger tweeted.

Even those who couldn’t help responded with positive encouragement and understanding.

“No reason to judge – fabrics and loved logos/pictures are v important can be grounding for some/vital to some on spectrum. My son finds uniform tricky and it impacts negatively,” someone wrote.

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The tweet caught the attention of Next, the dress’s original manufacturer.

“Hey Deborah, we have dropped this item from our range but we’d still like to help get this item for your friend’s daughter,” the company tweeted. “We can’t guarantee it but we will try our very best to contact the supplier and see if we can produce a few more batches of this dress.”

However, it wasn’t long before someone found a dress in the correct size.

“My 12year old has got one in a size 12 years! If you send me your address we’ll pop it in the post,” Nicole Arumugam wrote.

Another stranger offered to send the dress in an even bigger size as well, so it could be worn for a few more years. Deborah Price and her friend, Kate Bell, were amazed by the incredible response.

“Absolutely bowled over by the kindness of strangers,” Price wrote in a follow-up tweet. “Massive thanks to each and every one of you from me and @MousMakes and huge thanks to the two girls who have chosen to send their dresses.”

“You’re amazing and your mums are pretty amazing too for raising such lovely daughters but mostly you’re great because you’ve made a little girl really happy to continue to be in her favorite dress…” Price continued.

It’s stories like these that restore our faith in humanity and the power of compassion and community. We are so glad that the Twitter community was able to band together to help spread a little love!

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