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Woman Catches Thief Who Stole Her Wallet Red-Handed & Confronts Her at Walmart


If you were at a Chuck E. Cheese’s for a kid’s birthday party and realized your wallet had gone missing, how would you react: Stress out? Check around the tables and games like a kid looking for fallen tokens?

And what if you got a notification on your phone informing you that your missing card was currently being used to purchase things from another location — would you hit the pavement or wait for help to arrive?

Leasha Sanders had to make this very decision when someone took her wallet and started going on a shopping spree in late January. She might have let it pass if it hadn’t been for one of her friends urging her to go after the thief.

Apparently, a child had picked up a lost wallet, reported it, and a woman wrongfully claimed it was hers. She took off, and her first stop was Kohl’s.

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“So shortly after this was discovered, the owner got an alert that her card was used at Kohl’s,” Traci Wilson Curry, a friend of Sanders, explained in a Facebook post. “We jumped in my car and drove to Kohl’s, only to be told they knew exactly who it was and they had followed her through the store expecting she was going to steal, but she used the card and was gone.”

“So we drove around awhile and kept checking back at Chuck E. Cheese, since the wallet also had the car keys attached to it. Again she got an alert that the card was being used at Walmart, so off we went!”

“Guess what?! The thief was in line when we got there and security stopped the purchase and we got the wallet and all the contents back!!! RPD has multiple surveillance camera footage plus this video I shot while she walked out and set off the alarms!”

Sanders approached the thief and managed to get her wallet back while the Walmart manager was notified, and police eventually showed up as well.

“Once I said ‘that’s my wallet with my keys’, he went up to her and he was like, ‘We can’t sell this to you, you’re not purchasing it with your own money,’ and then she proceeded to tell him that she was getting her finances in order,” she said, according to CBS.

“You should probably rethink a few things about life if you steal a wallet from Chuck E. Cheese,” Sanders later shared on Facebook. “I’ll be praying for you.”

Thanks to an app and a friend, Sanders now has her wallet and keys, as well as proof that her card was being used by someone else.

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