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Woman Shares Heartfelt Thanks to Strangers Who Helped Save Husband's Life: Thank You for 'Praying with Me'


If you frequent social media or watch a lot of what’s on television, it would seem that the whole world is about to fall apart. People disagree about everything under the sun, and with the current political and health climate, we’re often left feeling more distant from our fellow man than ever before.

But if you peek into many communities, people are still working hard to protect themselves and their neighbors. There is still plenty of good in this world, if you have eyes to see it.

One story that came out of Weatherford, Texas, recently is a prime example of how people are still caring for one another when it matters most.

Gary and Sharon Patton — both veteran nurses — were at the Downtown Cantina on Jan. 18 when Gary experienced a heart attack.

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Nicholas Murray, a bartender at the spot, was on shift when the medical emergency took place.

“His wife checked for a pulse and he didn’t have a pulse,” Murray told KXAS-TV. “So we were figuring, like, his heart stopped.

“Next thing we know he’s not breathing,” he said. “So we learned later on, he was having a heart attack. In the moment we didn’t know what was going on.”

Thankfully, there were people present who were able to help Sharon perform CPR until first responders arrived. Gary survived and is home resting after getting a stent.

Sharon reached out to Downtown Cantina, her heart full of gratitude for the men and women who helped save her husband. She asked the restaurant to please post her message of thanks on its Facebook page, so it did.

“My husband, my self, and our entire community of family and friends would like to extend our immeasurable gratitude to everyone who were witness my husbands acute cardiac event Monday, Jan 18 evening,” she wrote.

“To the bartender who first heard my call for help, helped lower my husband to the floor, and called 911.

“To the kind gentleman in the green hoodie and beard, thank you for supporting Gary on the floor and praying with me in the parking lot.

“To the woman with the pretty purple finger nails, you’re willingness to cycle CPR for my husband will never be forgotten! You gave me a moment to breath and center!

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“To the young man who performed rescue breaths, in this time of Covid, there is no way to say thank you.”

The restaurant named Murray as the hero bartender and commended the patrons who jumped into action, too, calling them “none other than angels in the right spot at the right time.”

If the heart attack had happened at another time, in another place, Gary’s story might have ended very differently. But because of the strangers and staff present on that Monday evening, even in these strange times, Gary’s still kicking.

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