Woman's Night Goes Viral After Waking Up To Find Coyote in Her Bedroom

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It’s early in the morning, hours before you need to wake up to start the day, and yet something wakes you up. One moment you’re cozy and content nestled under your covers, and the next you’re wide-awake and blinking into the dark.

Was it a sound that woke you up? Was it one of your kids whimpering at the side of the bed because they’d just had a nightmare? Is it your spouse flailing in their sleep?

Bonnie of Bixby, Oklahoma, woke up around 4 in the morning to sounds she described as being like a “cat fight.” Even though her room was still dark, her cat came running in.

And then a coyote ran in.

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“I woke up, and the cat and coyote came running into my room,” she said laughing during an interview with Fox 23, “and it’s still dark.”

So there she was, in the dark, barely able to comprehend (or see) that her beloved cat and a wild animal were both in her room. She did what many would do: She screamed.

That woke up her kids. For a while, her dog — a miniature schnauzer — joined the fray, too, barking at the coyote, who realized a little too late that he was in way over his head.

He cowered in the corner of the room as the chorus of barks and screams continued. Bonnie picked up a golf club and tried to move the animal out, but he froze in the corner.

Bonnie got out, shut the door on the coyote, and called the police.

“Well my husband was out of town, and so my poor kids are upstairs and I’m screaming… And that’s when I realized ‘holy crow I’ve got a coyote stuck in my bedroom.'”

Policemen arrived with catch poles, certainly a strange sight early in the morning. “So I had three policemen in my bedrooms trying to get the coyote out,” she said.

But how would a coyote get into her house in the first place? Bonnie thinks perhaps the critter spotted her cat through a glass back door that wasn’t secured properly.

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Enticed by the meal potential, the coyote may have rushed the glass door or pried it open to try to get to the cat. A game warden confirmed it was a coyote that got in her room, but said he’d never seen a coyote chase an animal into a house before.

Fortunately no one was injured, the cat was fine, and the coyote was released back into the wild where he belonged.

Coyotes have become bolder over time as they adapt to urban living. They can even be seen in some neighborhoods now, and have grown less afraid of humans.

If you own any small pets that would fall into the category of “prey” and live in the same area as coyotes, it’s crucial to keep your doors locked and your pets secured — especially at night — otherwise you may wake up with a coyote in your bedroom!

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