Wounded Veteran Congressmen Unite for Incredible Viral Moment


While most of the left and establishment media were focused on things such as Pelosi and bisexuals taking office, they totally missed a truly profound moment. That moment was when three wounded veteran congressmen united on the floor of Congress.

Florida Rep. Brian Mast tweeted out a photo of the moment, welcoming his fellow wounded veterans and Republicans to Congress. Mast assumed office in 2017. In the photo with him are Indiana Rep. Jim Baird and Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

Stripes noted that each of these men, who have already sacrificed so much for America, have earned Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts. Now all three are serving this country again.

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While serving in Afghanistan in 2010, Mast lost both of his legs clearing I.E.D.s. An I.E.D. blast in Afghanistan in 2012 cost Navy SEAL Crenshaw his eye. Baird was serving in the Vietnam War when he lost his arm.

Some people may recognize Crenshaw from an incident involving a member of Saturday Night Live mocking him and his eye patch. So-called comedian Pete Davidson later apologized and Crenshaw not only appeared on the show with him, but accepted the apology.

Crenshaw’s class in handling the incident and accepting the apology set a much-needed example in Congress today. At the time he said something that is particularly relevant to his new job.

Do you think these three men can make a difference in the Democrat-Controlled House?

“There’s a lot of lessons to learn here. Not just that the left and right can still agree on some things, but also this: Americans can forgive one another.”

“We can remember what brings us together as a country, and still see the good in each other.” He also had a special message for Americans when it comes to veterans.

“Tell a veteran, ‘Never forget.’ When you say, ‘Never forget,’ to a veteran, you are implying that as an American you are in it with them.”

“Not separated by some imaginary barrier between civilians and veterans, but connected together as grateful fellow Americans. Who’ll never forget the sacrifices made by veterans, past and present.”

Mast, Baird, and Crenshaw bring with them a wealth of experience, knowledge and discipline Congress can only benefit from during their latest service to the United States. Perhaps they can be a positive influence on their fellow members of Congress.

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The Democrats launched their first day in control of the House with attacks on President Trump, the electoral college and presidential pardons. Crenshaw’s message about finding common ground is clearly one that is needed in Congress. Reps Mast, Baird and Crenshaw: Never Forget.

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