Yazidi Sex Slave Escapes to Germany, Then Meets Her 'Owner' Who Germans Let in Too


In the novel “Marathon Man,” a Nazi war criminal walking through a Jewish section in New York is recognized by an elderly man as one of his Nazi concentration camp captors from Germany during the war.

Before the wanted war criminal could be exposed, he managed to escape while the crowd was distracted by a woman hit by a car.

Something similar happened to a 15-year-old Yazidi girl when she recognized her abuser and former captor in Germany.

Except unlike the Nazi criminal, he didn’t flee the scene when he was recognized by his victim.

In 2014, Ashwaq was captured by the Islamic State group and sold as a sex slave to one of the terrorist group’s members.

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Ashwaq was in captivity for 10 months before managing to escape back to Kurdistan.

She eventually moved to Germany, which she thought was a safe haven from her sick abuser.

She was wrong.

After living in the country for three years, she was approached by her captor.

Do you think the U.S. needs to have strict immigration policy?

Ashwaq explained what happened to basnews.

The man, who identified himself as Abu Humam, told her, “Yes, I know you and you know me. And I know how long you’ve been living here,” Ashwaq recounted.

“I know that you live with your mother and your brother,” he continued.

He then repeated her address twice.

Ashwaq immediately went to police for help — but with no success.

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“The police told me that he is also a refugee, just like me, and that they could not do anything about it. They just gave me a phone number that I could contact in case Abu Humam ever stopped me. After this response, I decided to return to Kurdistan and never go back to Germany,” Ashwaq said, according to basnews.

Her story shows that despite all the accusations of racism hurled against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, we must know who is coming into our country– for the good of everyone, including actual refugees like Ashwaq.

German polices have allowed terrorists to be protected when classified as refugees.

How are vulnerable people like Ashwaq supposed to be kept safe in a country that is supposedly a safe haven when the country also allows in perpetrators of terror and abuse?

Americans should take a cue from Ashwaq’s frightening tale and continue to push strong immigration policy that insists on knowing exactly who is coming into our country.

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