'1 Month Isn't Enough': Canada Announces 'Pride Season' to Push LGBT Agenda


Not content with designating one month of the year for non-straight and gender-confused people to be proud of themselves, Canada is giving the LGBT community a quarter of the year for “pride.”

Pride season in Canada kicked off this month and will continue until September, according to one Canadian government account on Twitter that handles “sexual orientation and gender identity and expression issues.”

The LGBTQ2 Secretariat account announced that people within the rainbow community deserve one-fourth of the calendar year to be them.

“1 month isn’t enough to celebrate Pride in Canada!” the account shared on June 2. “#PrideSeason takes place from June to September with local events across the country celebrating the resilience and spirit of #LGBTQ2 people in Canada. Follow us as we highlight Pride celebrations all summer long!”

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Happy Canadian government officials and their accounts have been celebrating “pride season” online all week, as they are all apparently in agreement that 30 days to push the LGBT agenda on everyone is not enough.

Are you tired of having the LGBT agenda front and center every June?

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With any luck, Canadians not consumed by whom their neighbors sleep with, date or marry can get back to being completely ignored by the country’s leftist government.

How does that government feel about its non-gay, lesbian, bisexual or “queer” people? For starters, on June 6, the government’s official Twitter account made no mention of the brave Canadian soldiers who fought on D-Day, taking Juno Beach in Normandy, France, on that date in 1944.

The account did manage to share this post just days earlier:

At least the Canadian Armed Forces didn’t forget about the heroes:

In the U.S., veterans get one day, fallen veterans get one day, and non-straight and gender-confused people get the month of June. Some of those people are very boisterous, even amid pandemics that require churches to close:

At least by July, things get back to normal around here. That’s when adults, some of them wearing leather and carrying around sex toys, cease marching in urban areas — at least in organized groups.

Meanwhile, other adults can continue on not caring about the bedroom activities of those around them.

In Canada, the madness will now continue until September, which is just around the time most people in the country start preparing for the harsh winter.

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