11-Mo-Old Infant Severely Burned at Daycare on Both Hands. Mother Rushes Him to ER


When you are a mother, seeing your baby hurt in any way is unbearable. No one wants to see their child suffer, and no matter how hard we may try to protect them, it isn’t always possible.

Austin, Texas, mother Jenny McGivney and her family are suing their 11-month-old son’s daycare after he was sent to the hospital with excruciating burns on his hands.

Hours before, the school had contacted Jenny to let her know that her son, Aiden, had burned his hands on the door leading to the playground.

Of course, Jenny’s first question was to ask if her baby was okay, to which the daycare answered that the burns were nothing serious.

“They said (Aiden) had touched something hot on a door, either a metal door or a metal plate on the door and that he had burnt his finger,” she said. “I asked if he was okay and they said he was fine, no rush to come.”

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But when Jenny arrived later that day, the situation definitely wasn’t fine.

Little Aiden was screaming his head off, crying from the pain. When mom took a look at his hands, she was appalled.

Huge yellow blisters had formed on Aiden’s hands — the kind that would bring any grown adult to tears in pain.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Jenny said. “I couldn’t believe what I saw. He was losing it.”

Jenny ran with her baby to the pediatrician next to the daycare, and they told her to take him to the hospital immediately.

At the hospital, doctors instantly knew how serious the burns were and called a burn hospital in San Antonio.

Aiden was then rushed to the burn hospital in an ambulance and stayed there overnight.

The 11-month-old went in for an 11-hour surgery on both hands.

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His family shared photos of the little boy under anesthesia in a hospital bed, both hands wrapped in gauze.

He has since undergone multiple surgeries and will need to wear special gloves for up to a year to protect his hands while they heal.

The injuries went further than just his hands, often leaving Aiden in significant pain and slowing his eating development.

“It was cool that day,” Jenny said. “It was 75 degrees. How did the door get that hot? What were the teachers doing and why didn’t they call for help?”

His family sued the daycare for damages, and the school is now responsible for making the door safer for future children.

Until the door is addressed, school teachers are now required to test the door before any children touch it.

Thankfully, Aiden is recovering from his injuries, but it will take plenty of time. His story is a reminder that children do not know that hot things can burn them and need to be watched closely by anyone who takes care of them. You can never be too careful when it comes to keeping you children safe.

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