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11-Year-Old Girl Hears Mom Screaming, Helps Deliver Baby Brother on Bathroom Floor

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The past year has been stressful for expecting mothers who don’t know what to expect with shifting hospital regulations. Many hospitals only allow a limited number of people to attend during labor.

That was the case for one family in Molalla, Oregon. Expectant mother Jordan Eck had to break the news to her 11-year-old Shyanne that she wouldn’t be allowed in the hospital during the birth — a fact that Shyanne was none too pleased about.

“Hospitals only allow one person in for labor and delivery,” Eck explained to the Portland Tribune, “and they have to be over 16 years of age. She really thought there was something I could do to change the rules.”

But Kobe, the baby waiting to make his debut, had other plans. Almost three weeks before her due date, Eck woke up on April 21 with stomach pains.

After debating for a few hours whether the issue was gas pain or actual labor, the answer became very clear.

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“I thought I had a lot more time,” Eck said, according to KGW-TV. “I thought I had at least hours at a minimum, not minutes.”

Eck’s water broke and she began screaming, and Shyanne woke up and called 911. She explained the situation to the dispatcher.

“My mom is giving birth on the — like she went into labor, and she’s on the toilet,” Shyanne told the dispatcher, as heard on a recording of the call that KGW obtained.

The dispatcher talked Shyanne through delivering her baby brother, and within two pushes, Shyanne was the first one to welcome baby Kobe into the world.

“His head, like, the first push, his head was already kind of there, and then when my mom pushed his like face came out,” Shyanne said.

“And then his he was like … his neck was still in there and my … by the second push, I kinda like grabbed his shoulders and he just like came out.”

Many 11-year-olds wouldn’t be up to this sort of challenge, but Eck says Shyanne is mature and ready for anything.

“This is who she is,” Eck said. “Like, she’s an extreme person. She’s like ready for life and she’s always been like this.”

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When first responders arrived, they cut the umbilical cord and took Eck, her newborn and the father (who had arrived just in time to make the trip with them) to the hospital to be checked out. Thankfully, everything went very well and there were no complications.

“By the grace of God, everything was perfect,” Eck said. “Like, there was zero complications. He came out in like two pushes and it was like very easy.”

They’re all back home now, and Kobe is doing well and being doted upon by his eldest sister who has gotten to play a very unique role in her sibling’s life.

“I tell her she manifested delivering him because she would have held a grudge for life if she didn’t see his birth,” Eck said.

“She is in love with Kobe. Still feels unreal.”

“I think that it’s definitely going to be something to remember,” Shyanne said. “And it’s definitely an experience, but … I love him.”

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