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19 Firefighters and Police Use Bare Hands, Chainsaws and Shovels to Save Child Struck by Fallen Tree


Parents are cautioned over and over that terrible things can happen if they don’t keep a close eye on their children — but the reality is that bad things can happen even while a parent is paying attention.

One parent recently had the scare of a lifetime while outside clearing snow in Derry, New Hampshire, with their child. The Derry, New Hampshire, Fire Department said the unidentified parent was watching when a tree fell on the child.

A Facebook page by the name of NH Fire Alarm issued real-time updates on the scenario, stating that the child was just 6 years old and the fallen tree was a large pine tree. Afterward, the Derry Fire Department shared a more complete run-down of the rescue.

“For immediate release: Child Struck by Falling Tree,” the fire department shared in a post from Tuesday.

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“On March 14, 2023, at approximately 1:57 p.m. the Derry Fire Emergency Communications Division received a call reporting that a large tree had fallen, striking and trapping a child underneath the tree.

“The child was reported to be playing outside near a parent who was clearing snow and witnessed the incident.

“Along with Derry Police, Derry Engine 4, Engine 2, Medic 4, Utility 3 (plow) K1, K2, M1 and Chief 2 were dispatched.

“First arriving units found a child trapped under a large tree and requested additional resources including an additional engine and heavy rescue.

“Derry Fire and Derry Police utilized bare hands, chains saws and shovels to access the child and stabilize the tree. In total 16 firefighters and three police officers worked for 19 minutes to free the child from underneath the tree.”

After being freed, the child was rushed to a nearby hospital. By some miracle, the child only sustained minor injuries and was reported to be “in good spirits” despite the close brush with death.

No one else was injured during the incident or rescue, and the outcome was so positive that many posted in the comment section to thank God for the child’s preservation.

“Thank God for His protection!” one person wrote. “And for that wonderful group of first responders! Thank you all for your service.”

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“Wow!!! This could have been so so bad,” wrote another. “I almost didn’t finish reading. Thank God the child is going to be ok! And thank all first responders who helped with this.”

The situation is one that would send many parents into a panic, but thankfully it ended well in this particular instance.

And, as one commenter pointed out, the child will certainly have quite a story to tell when they return to school!

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