2 Senior Dogs Separated after Being Surrendered to Shelter. Family Reunites Pair 3 Months Later


Two pups who have captured hearts with their sad story have been reunited and are very happy to be together once more.

The doberman and beagle were like brothers. Despite their difference in appearance, the two shared an incredibly close bond.

When their owner decided to move, they were put up for adoption at the Arizona Humane Society.

Achilles was 12, and Seth was 14. They were both very much senior citizen doggies, which are one of the hardest kind to rehome.

Finding a home for one senior dog is difficult enough, but two? And keeping them together? It seemed impossible.

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The humane society did everything in its power to keep the duo together, even having them featured on local news to try and draw out a potential adopter. But nothing came of it.

Eventually, the humane society decided it would be best to get the two into foster homes and out of the stressful shelter environment. Of course, this meant that the pups would have to be separated.

Achilles went to Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue of Arizona, and Seth went to Arizona Beagle Rescue.

They both were given excellent care, but pieces of their hearts were still missing. The foster parents wouldn’t even say Seth’s name for fear of getting Achilles’ hopes up.

Achilles was adopted by a wonderful family who wasn’t told about Seth immediately, but they were thorough. After reading through all his records, they realized they were missing a piece of the puzzle.

Once the owners found out about their adoptee’s friend, they knew what they had to do.

After tracking down Seth’s location, they found that he had not yet been adopted. So they planned a road trip to go pick up the beagle.

The dogs hadn’t seen each other since Christmas, but they recognized each other instantly.

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Seth immediately ran up to Achilles and showered him in kisses, and the two were right as rain.

With Achilles and Seth back together once again, all is right in their world. They have everything they could want and more.

Their story has touched many hearts, and illustrated how lovely and fulfilling it can be to adopt a senior dog. They may be older, but they still have lots of love to give!

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