2 Women Perform Voodoo Ritual on 5-Year-Old, Leaving Girl Permanently Disfigured


So often, innocent children become the victims of crime. We have a difficult time understanding the sort of sick, twisted people who perform these crimes.

It’s still easier to imagine that an evil stranger would cause a child harm than the child’s family. When a child’s mother is involved, many cannot understand such tragedies.

But that’s exactly what happened in this case. Most times, if your child is acting up, you assume they’re having an off day or are going through a rebellious streak.

When one mother felt that her 5-year old girl was continuously misbehaving, she did something shocking. Because the woman was of Haitian descent, she decided that her daughter needed the help of Voodoo.

The woman, a hair dresser, called on two of her clients, sisters Peggy LaBossiere, 51, and Rachel Hilaire, 40. Both women were also of Haitian descent and practiced Voodoo.

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All three women believed that the young girl was being overtaken by an evil spirit. Their goal was to ritualistically force the demon to leave.

The abuse took place at LaBossiere’s house. The children were told that they were going there for a sleepover.

What began as a fire ritual quickly turned into abuse as the girl’s 8-year-old brother watched on. After the girl was bound and her arms tied to a stick to prevent her from interfering, the torture began.

The sisters blew fire into the girls face, drew blood with needle-like instruments, and poured a burning substance over the girl’s eyes. The mother watched on, observing this horrific scene and doing nothing.

They also preformed rituals on the girl’s brother, making him undress and rubbing him with an unknown substance.

He said that when he tried to resist, they threatened to cut off his head with a machete. The incident left the little girl permanently scarred with third degree burns on her face.

Both sisters denied any wrong-doing and said that they were just preforming a needed ritual.

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They added that they had often given what they called “cleansing baths” to family and friends. They believed that the burning of the girl’s face took place as the evil spirit left her body.

Voodoo is a religious practice that is centuries old. It originated in Africa and the Caribbean and is still practiced today.

But when any behavior causes harm to a child, a clear line has been crossed. The sisters pleaded not guilty and the mother was sent for mental health treatment.

Clearly what took place here was scarring, both physically and emotionally, for the children. We just hope these women won’t be able to repeat their offense.

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