22-Year-Old Starts Shaking After Hearing Dead Sister 'Speak To Her' Through Car Radio


Strange things happen around us every day. We like to explain as much as we can in this time of technology and science — but every once in a while, something will happen that’s still just a little out there.

One girl experienced something that she never expected on a drive through Arizona, where she and her late sister grew up.

Kristal Silva was on her way to the gym when she was overcome with emotion as she passed familiar landmarks.

“I never took into consideration how emotionally hard it would be moving back,” she later wrote on Facebook. “I’m happy, I am. But I never thought it would be so painful passing by Kristie’s hospital.”

“But, I can say that being here I feel the presence of her soul more. I feel her around me.”

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“I was so angry with my mother for not letting me take some of her ashes with me, but nothing beats feeling her soul around me at all times. And THAT makes me happy, no matter how much it pains me to not have her here physically.”

She missed her older sister who had passed away from kidney failure, but never guessed she’d be given more than a sense of her sibling’s presence. On her drive home, the song “Hello” played, but a part of it was bugging her.

“My first reaction to the song was, ‘What are they saying? That isn’t how the song goes,'” she later said. “So I turned it up and on the second chorus I listened closely.”

“It sounded like ‘Krispy’ or something so I thought maybe it’s an ad.” But it was definitely a name, and soon she realized it sounded exactly like her sister’s name.

“But I heard ‘Krystie!’ So I took out my phone in hopes it would say it again and I recorded it.” She caught the lyrics, posted the video online, and has captivated many people with the incident.

“Immediately, I started shaking and my heart was pounding.”

“Since the day my sister passed away I always said she was my guardian angel. That day I felt she was there telling me she was OK, and she is with me no matter where I go and what I go through.”

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If you’re a suspicious person, you probably assume the video was tampered with or someone was pulling a prank. But you can clearly hear what sounds like “Hey Kristie says hello.”

And it was, in fact, someone’s name. The DJ for the radio station Kristal was listening to contacted her with an explanation of the phenomenon.

“I know it doesn’t exactly say your sister’s name — it says mine ‘Chris Villa’ (vee-yuh) but I’m sure I was meant to play it for you that day from your sister.”

Even though this is a totally sensible explanation, Kristal and others still think that the timing was nothing short of miraculous and that she was still meant to hear a version of the song mentioning her sister’s name.

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