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7-Week-Old Puppy Recovering After Being Found with Rubber Bands Tied Around Ankles

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Rubber bands are handy, but they can also be dangerous. Even leaving hair ties and ponytail holders on your wrists can cut off the circulation to your hands, and rubber bands are no different.

In fact, rubber bands are so good at cutting off circulation that some farmers use them for castrating and docking tails of various farm animals. Whether it’s the best method is another matter, but the fact is that cutting off circulation will end with the extremities dying off.

Sadly, some people have no particular animal husbandry in mind when they use rubber bands on helpless creatures. There have been incidents of cruel people using rubber bands on dogs’ mouths to keep them from barking, which results in deep wounds and the pups needing reconstructive surgery.

Someone really went out of their way to cause harm to this adorable little 7-week-old puppy in Arizona. Fortunately, a caring person found it and took it to the local humane society where it could be properly cared for.

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“Little Foot was brought to AHS nine days ago by a Good Samaritan who found him with rubber bands tied around his ankles,” the Arizona Humane Society wrote on Facebook on Jan. 29. “His feet were horribly swollen, making it very difficult to walk, and nearly cutting off his circulation.

“This 6-week-old puppy’s treatment includes daily laser therapy and warm compress massages to promote blood flow and improve circulation in his paws. Much like a balloon, the circulation will cause the fluids to shift and, hopefully, reduce the swelling.

“Believe it or not, Little Foot’s paws have improved incredibly over the past nine days and the scabbing is almost gone!”

Did you know the damage rubber bands could cause?

“Follow along with us here on AHS’ Facebook page for Little Foot’s recovery! We will be sharing details of his treatment, healing, and journey towards adoption over the next few weeks. Please send your well wishes to this little guy!”

Plenty of well-wishers have chimed in and have been touched by this puppy’s journey. The AHS has posted photos of Little Foot’s progress as well as video of some of his laser treatments.

“We shared Little Foot’s story earlier this week and we, along with Little Foot, were blown away by the amazing support he has from the community!” they wrote on Feb. 3. “As promised, we will share his recovery journey with you as he continues to heal in our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™.

“Part of his treatment plan includes daily laser therapy. This method of treatment activates the cells and tissues in his feet, and essentially helps to ‘jump start’ the cells needed to heal.”

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“We will continue to share details of Little Foot’s treatment and healing here on AHS’ Facebook page.”

For now, the pit bull puppy is not looking for a new home. He’ll need time to heal and recover before being ready to join a family, but he’s certainly feeling much better than when he first arrived at the shelter. Follow the AHS page for updates!

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