76-Year-Old Chicago Man Now Has a Criminal Record for Same Crime Smollett Was Cleared Of


“Privilege” is a word gets thrown around a lot, usually by liberal pseudo-intellectuals seeking to lecture anyone they don’t like.

You know the narrative: If you’ve managed to get ahead in life, the only explanation is your white privilege, or male privilege, or fill-in-the-blank privilege.

But these days, it seems that it’s liberal elitists who are the privileged ones. The prime example is Jussie Smollett, the leftist, African-American actor who is used to schmoozing with the Obamas. Those political connections sure paid off when he was accused of staging a hate crime hoax that took Chicago police on a wild goose chase and away from solving other, real crimes.

“Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx dropped all charges against the Empire star after he allegedly staged a hate attack to try and get a raise on the show. The actor, who is black and gay, claimed that two white men attacked him on the sidewalk shouting racist and anti-gay slurs, as well as slogans of Donald Trump,” the U.K. Daily Mail succinctly summarized.

“Smollet avoided a criminal record, despite the sworn testimony of two Nigerian bodybuilders who said Smollett had paid them to stage the hoax,” the Daily Mail continued. “Smollett has never apologized for his actions, has never been held accountable, and the investigation into his conduct cost Chicago police $130,000. He did two days of community service.”

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Remember, even the Chicago police chief, who is himself black, went on the record as believing that Smollett broke the law. So did Rahm Emanuel, the Democratic mayor of the Windy City. But Smollett still walked without so much as an admission of guilt. Why?

The answer is Kim Foxx. The liberal prosecutor insisted that she gave Smollett no special treatment, and scrambled to run a public relations campaign showing that her incredibly lenient handling of the disgraced actor would have been the same for anyone.

But that claim just fell apart.

A Chicago man spent time in jail and will have a criminal record after Foxx threw the book at him for filing a false police report.

Do you believe Smollett used political connections to get off the hook?

No, it isn’t Smollett … it’s a sickly 76-year-old white man named Robert Racky.

“A frail businessman was arrested and charged with the same crime as Jussie Smollett, and admitted his crimes straight away to save Chicago police an investigation, but now has a criminal record,” the Daily Mail reported Sunday.

“Robert Racky pleaded guilty to filing false police report last month, after calling the cops in August 2018 saying he been carjacked. In fact, he had been booted by the city for unpaid parking tickets,” the article continued.

According to CWB Chicago, Racky established the first rooftop clubhouse house near the legendary Wrigley Field, the Lakeview Baseball Club. However, Racky is now poor and living on Social Security after a series of family problems.

He was apparently forced to rely on a public defender for his case, unlike the Hollywood actor and his A-list legal team.

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According to the Daily Mail, a spokesman for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office described the Racky case like this: “On Aug. 9, 2018, Racky contacted the Chicago Police Department and reported that he was the victim of a robbery in progress.

“Racky yelled obscenities at the responding officers and told them that he called police because he was upset that a boot was placed on his car.

“Officers recovered two rifles from Racky’s car. He did not have a FOID card or a valid driver’s license. Racky was arrested and while in custody later admitted to officers that he said he was being robbed because he wanted the police to show up.

“On 4/22/19, Racky pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of reckless conduct and was ordered to pay a $434 fine and the felony charges were dropped.”

Pretty straightforward. Racky told police something happened that didn’t happen. He was charged for it. And he confessed his guilt and paid up.

And unlike Smollett, the elderly man didn’t try to stretch his charade or tearfully pretend to be the victim in television interviews.

“Racky admitted his crimes straight after he was arrested and saved the city a lengthy investigation, but was still dragged through the courts and will now likely end his life with a rap sheet,” the newspaper wrote.

Two cases of false police reports, two very different outcomes. While there are of course some differences between them, it certainly looks like the case against Smollett was far more serious, yet he was the one who walked away with barely a slap on the wrist.

This is the reality that needs to be exposed: For all their talk about “equality” and “fairness,” the left sure seems to act as if some people are “more equal” than others. Being chums with the first lady sure seems to help.

But there’s also a deeper problem on display here, which goes beyond Smollett’s top-tier connections to Democrat politicians. That problem is so-called “social justice” as a whole.

“Social justice” ignores the concept of even-handed treatment of suspects, and rips the blindfold off of Lady Justice.

It’s a worldview that demands the identity of a person be considered so that the scales of justice can be tipped for or against them, all based on traits like race, sexuality, and perceived victimhood.

In other words, it isn’t real justice at all. It’s a popularity contest based on ever-changing whims of the crowd.

And it’s one that should outrage all Americans, regardless of their political party.

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