After 93-Year-Old's Wife Dies, Neighbor Worries. Until Stray Pup Shows Up at Door


Stories of couples meeting young and staying together until very old age are heartwarming. In this time of instant gratification, short attention spans, and throwing things away instead of trying to fix them, seeing a couple who has persevered through everything is incredibly encouraging.

Those who are fortunate enough to spend their entire lives with the love of their life also face unimaginable heartbreak when their spouse passes.

That one person has been their everything, and when they’re gone, there’s no one else to fall back on.

And while the gift of long life is a rare and precious one, the longer you live with someone, the more you miss them when they’ve passed.

One gentleman at the young age of 93 was still actively mourning his wife’s recent passing when an encouragement seemed to fall from heaven and into his life.

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Chuck had been married to his late wife for an astonishing 75 years, and the first things he often told people he met was how much he missed her and how lonely he was.

But that’s when a neighbor named Nancy, who was terribly sorry for the widower’s plight, stumbled across something that seemed heaven-sent.

A puppy. An adorable little wiggly, tawny puppy. Nancy scooped her up and wondered who she belonged to.

A puppy so cute couldn’t just belong to no one, so Nancy began to check with her neighbors to see if they were missing the pup.

When she knocked on Chuck’s door, he took so long to answer that she almost gave up and left. But when he finally got there and saw the dog she had with her, he couldn’t stop smiling.

Unfortunately, he had to admit that it was not his dog. But his reaction to the sweet little furball suggested that he would very much like it to be.

Nancy had an idea. She asked Chuck if he would keep her if she turned out to be a stray. He readily agreed, but he was convinced she had to belong to someone.

When she told him she’d check around and bring the pup back if no one claimed her, Chuck nodded and crossed his fingers.

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Lo and behold, an owner was nowhere to be found. Nancy even posted on an online community group, and no one recognized the brown puppy.

Now Chuck has Mitzie. The two have become fast friends, and Chuck isn’t so lonely anymore.

He’s even puppy-proofed his backyard, and Mitzie keeps him busy with her bright, young energy. Even Chuck’s kids have noticed a positive change, and are thankful that the pup came calling.

According to Nancy, the puppy was meant for Chuck. What other explanation could there be?

“I’m convinced little Mitzie was dropped down from heaven, into my lap,” she said, “so I could deliver her to my dear neighbor, Chuck.”

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