Abused Dog Found with Hook Through Neck, Attached to 15-Pound Tow Chain


If it’s one thing most people can agree on, it’s the sadness that comes with seeing an animal abused or neglected in any way.

That being said, cases of animal abuse happen far too often, in far too many ways. But, thanks to the miracle of animal rescuers, their stories can have a happy ending.

Courage, a 3-year-old Rottweiler and shepherd mix, was one of those that had Detroit Dog Rescue wondering how in the world a dog could be treated with such malice.

The pup’s disturbing story begins with what rescuers found attached to his neck.

Abused Dog Found with Hook Through Neck, Attached to 15-Pound Tow Chain
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Attached to Courage was a 15 pound tow chain — similar to what is used to tow cars or trucks — through the back portion of his neck. The front of his throat was hooked with a clip.

“Detroit Dog Rescue received a call from animal control that a dog came in with a carabiner — which is a mountain climber clip, attached to his throat,” said rescue director Kristina Rinaldi.

Rinaldi admitted that Courage’s wounds were like something out of one’s worst nightmares or a movie.

“This is something you see out of a horror movie,” Rinaldi admitted. “We don’t have all the details of how it happened or where he came from.”

“It is an open investigation so we can’t comment on all of it,” she added. Authorities who are now working on the case suspect the metal was likely inside Courage’s neck for weeks.

Staff knew the clip was going to take time — and extreme caution — to remove. The surgery took nearly three hours to complete, and it was only then that the vets found yet another surprise: Courage tested positive for heartworms.

“Parasites are taxing his heart and trying to kill him,” the staff wrote on a Facebook post, though they are helping him pull through with treatment.

Even with all the pain and suffering, Courage has slowly been healing.

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According to rescuers, he is now happily playing with toys and running around like other dogs, even if he’s not quite out of the woods yet.

“I want to keep him in a home where he can have a soft bed, some treats, and some extra attention,” Rinaldi said, with staff adding that a preferable home would be one with no other animals or kids so that Courage could “decompress.”

“So if there’s anybody interested in fostering, Courage, Detroit fill out an application and will get back to you.”

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