Actress Rose McGowan Slams Democrats: They're in a 'Deep Cult' That Is 'Against Changing the World for the Better'


Hollywood actress and #MeToo movement activist-turned-critic Rose McGowan ripped the Democratic Party as a “cult” insistent on keeping people downtrodden during an interview this week on Fox News.

McGowan, 47, is not, nor has she ever professed to be, anything close to a Republican. That no doubt gives her a unique insight into her former party and its stranglehold over people and their minds and hearts.

A former Democrat, who has publicly discussed being raised in a cult in early childhood, McGowan offered a much welcome perspective for conservatives who can plainly see what so many on the American left are unable to: Democrats have lost their collective minds and are gaslighting believers down a path of isolation.

The actress joined Fox News host Tammy Bruce for a discussion in which McGowan explained why she had a change of heart after being a longtime Hollywood Democrat. She implied, more than once, that the party is now the country’s largest cult, and it is actually “against changing the world for the better,” despite all the empty rhetoric.

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“Well, as some of you know and some you don’t know, if you have heard my name or read anything on me in the media, I grew up in a cult. It was a very famous cult called Children of God,” she explained. “And it gave me a superpower. It gave me the ability to see the control and the propaganda machine, especially in the U.S., for what it is and how it harms people.

“And how the left can harm people just as much as the right if they go very, very deep into it and ignore all other aspects of, kind of, reality in a way. And that you’re serving a master that may not be serving you,” she said. “I always say, ‘I come in peace.’ I’m not here to make people feel bad about their political choices. But I am here to say that you might be in a cult, too, if you don’t know the signs.

“I do believe Democrats most especially are in a deep cult that they really don’t know about and aren’t really aware of,” she said.

McGowan signaled that after breaking from the cult of leftism, she now resides somewhere politically in the middle.

Do you think there are others in Hollywood like McGowan who are too afraid to speak up?

“I leave the Republicans alone more because I do respect people more that are like, ‘This is what we are. This is what we are about. This is what we are against.’ Whereas I find the Democrats are really pretty much almost against all the same things,” she said.

“[Democrats] are against changing the world for the better and they’re for keeping a system in place that is for so few people and benefits so few that they masquerade as the helpers — ‘We would do this, the world would be perfect if only those Republicans would get out of the way.’ Well, OK, you’ve got control, so now what?” she asked. “What are you going to do to make the world better?”

The film and TV star, whose falling out with leftist actress and her former “Charmed” co-star Alyssa Milano has grabbed headlines in recent years, then said she’s starting her own path out of Hollywood Hell and Democratic mind slavery.

“I am embracing in my life right now really just almost healing in a way, not just for me but for so many others. The #MeToo media period, it was just a trigger for so many men and women alike, everybody, really,” she said. “It was a painful period for many people as it was for me.

“My persecution and awakening from being a Democrat was so much about what I do and what I say now. So much about realizing how hardcore of a cult it is,” she added. “What it does to women and the people it says it is going to help? Then why haven’t they achieved anything?”

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What are some tell-tale signs of cult-like behavior? Every cult eventually isolates its members from their non-member families. That sounds like a lot of Thanksgiving dinners from this past November.

McGowan actually sounded like a reasonable Democrat attempting to reconcile years of being used, as she aimed for a new role; the reasonable centrist. She made it clear she wouldn’t be registering as a Republican, but her message was also clear: Modern Democrats are not reasonable.

The party, in its quest for a utopian society where everyone is poor — minus Wall Street, Hollywood and the party elite — does sound an awful lot like a cult.

Jim Jones. Marshall Applewhite. David Koresh. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh… Biden/Harris/Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez? As far as McGowan is concerned, yes.

She’s also correct. What have Democrats ever done to truly help any segment of society, minus the donors, abortionists and special interests? Nothing.

McGowan took to Twitter after the interview to explain why she chose to speak to Fox News — Hollywood’s and her own former “enemy.”

WARNING: The following social media posts contain graphic language that some viewers might find offensive.

She also attacked Hollywood and its abysmal, “woke” Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday:

The actress has now broken away from three cults in her life — if you count Hollywood.

She doesn’t appear to be looking in the rearview mirror at any of them.

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