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Adorable Monkeys Screech with Delight Moment 'Grandma' Walks Through Door


While cats and dogs are staples of American households with critters, not everyone is content with a pedestrian pet.

There are all sorts of feathered, furred and scaled creatures available to would-be pet owners, though some are definitely more common than others.

Monkeys draw in many people with their uncannily human-like actions and their intelligence. Plenty of people find them adorable, though many of those people probably haven’t had firsthand experience with primates.

Those who have had experience and still stick with them are some of the most dedicated people you’ll find — but in many places, you won’t find them since it’s illegal to keep monkeys as pets in many states.

One veterinarian, Kevin Wright, cautions potential owners because most people aren’t able to provide the conditions monkeys need to lead healthy, happy lives.

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“If you try to keep them as pets you’re creating a mentally disturbed animal in 99.9 percent of the cases,” Wright told National Geographic.

“The animal will never be able to fit in any other home. Never learn how to get along with other monkeys. And, more often than not, will end up with a lot of behavioral traits that are self-destructive.”

Monkeys can be pretty sweet as babies, but once they become adults, they can get very aggressive.

Do you think a monkey would be a good pet?

That doesn’t appear to be the case for Xander or Ohana, two capuchins who — by all appearances — are well-cared for and have adjusted to their domestic life.

And there’s one particular video clip that’s melting people’s hearts.

“Capuchin MonkeyXander and Ohana missed their grandma!” Stephanie Fusco, their owner, wrote on YouTube. “They both have spots from the photoshoot today, there’s a picture at the end of the video of them dressed as dalmatians! Super cute! Enjoy!”

The video clip opens on the two monkeys somewhat minding their own business, one zooming around the bedroom and the other snuggling up with a blanket on the bed.

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But as soon as the monkey on the bed, Ohana, sees grandma, he loses it. He chirps and screams and then rushes to hug “grandma” as soon as she’s close enough.

He spends the next few minutes chirping, backing up to look at her face — as if to make sure it’s really her — and then jumping back in for a snuggle, shrieking the whole while.

Xander jumps on her back for a moment, buts seems to be more interested in getting into trouble elsewhere, hiding under the bed covers and then launching himself into the curtains.

Xander and Ohana have quite a following on social media, and it’s easy to see why. They’re personable and obviously attached to their people.

If you want to join their fan club, you can keep up with their lives and activities by watching their YouTube videos.

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