Air Force Academy Apologizes for Offending Libs With Michael Jordan Statement


Many Americans have looked up to former NBA superstar Michael Jordan for years for his leadership, skills, and professional demeanor and appearance.

As political correctness has continued to infect parts of the United States military, apparently it is now racist to hold that same viewpoint.

The U.S. Air Force Academy was forced to apologize after one of its top officials said Jordan’s appearance is a strong example of being well-groomed and having a sense of fashion, according to reports compiled by TheBlaze.

The comment was made in an email from Master Sgt. Zachary Parish to cadets, and said some of their haircuts weren’t in accordance with longstanding Air Force policy.

Parish wrote that the cadets need to keep their hair trimmed, which isn’t surprising given the military has strictly enforced shaving and haircut regulations for decades.

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“It’s unfortunate that a small percentage of cadets who fail to maintain their hair appropriately cast a negative impression that’s reflected on the entire … cadet population and armed service members at large,” Parish wrote.

Parish then wrote about how Jordan took pride in his appearance to give an example about who the cadets could look up to for advice on their upkeep.

“He was never seen with a gaudy chain around his neck, his pants below his waistline, or with a backwards baseball hat on during public appearances,” he wrote.

But intolerant leftists didn’t see it that way, and they were quick to call Parish’s praise — you guessed it — racist.

Do you think the Air Force Academy should have apologized for the Jordan reference?

According to The (Colorado Springs) Gazette, some recipients of the email claimed Parish’s comments were racist and derogatory toward blacks.

After apparent push back, the school caved to liberal pressure and issued an apology to those who might have been offended by asking cadets to resemble Jordan.

“Let me apologize for the email sent earlier today by our first sergeant,” said Col. Julian Stevens, vice commandant of cadets at the academy.

“Microagressions such as these are often blindspots/unintentional biases that are not often recognized, and if they are recognized they are not always addressed.”

So asking cadets to follow the example of an amazingly successful black man’s professional appearance is now racist?

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It’s absolutely stunning that the school felt the need to apologize for this email, but this is what political correctness and liberalism looks like.

The real racism here is those who assumed Parish was even talking about blacks. There are plenty of whites and others who fit his negative description — deriding a slovenly apprearance doesn’t mean race is involved in this issue at all.

If anything, Parish was using Jordan, an African-American, as an example of a leader and someone the cadets should look to as a role model for taking pride in their appearance.

That’s the polar opposite of racism.

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