Alan Simpson Tells CNN’s Alisyn Camerota To Find a New Job


Former GOP Sen. Alan Simpson of Wyoming told CNN host Alisyn Camerota to stop critiquing politicians for their past sins and “find some new work,” on “New Day” Tuesday.

Camerota played a clip of Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah commending President Donald Trump and saying he doesn’t care about special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

“Well, I don’t want to get into that kind of stuff. I can tell you one thing that would solve everything. Now, you want to hear this.

“Every U.S. senator who goes to the Judiciary Committee should have a full FBI investigation from birth until they go on the committee. That will take care of a lot of this crap,” Simpson said.

Simpson also said it’s useless to drudge up instances from every politician’s past and was upset about Camerota trying to “pick old scabs.”

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“You don’t go back into the life beyond,” he continued.

“When I was on 18, I was on federal probation for shooting mailbox. I fought a cop. I got thrown in the clink. … Let it play out. Orrin — I care deeply for.

“I care deeply for [former Vice President] Joe Biden. I loved them all. And I got along with them all and we made it work. So, if you want to pick old scabs, you better pick a new guy to get on the show.”

Simpson also expressed dismay about a movie, “The Front Runner,” starring Hugh Jackman as former presidential candidate Gary Hart.

The movie details Hart’s alleged extramarital affairs.

Simpson told Camerota and the rest of the media to find new jobs.

“Now we have to watch a movie on Gary Hart. If that ain’t picking an old scab, you tell me what it is. I worked with him. We worked on nuclear regulation matters. We were good. We were friends. Picking an old scab — ‘Chappaquiddick.’ Good. Go back and pick an old scab,” he said.

“Go back and look into Professor [Anita] Hill and [Supreme Court Justice] Clarence Thomas,” he added.

“Why don’t you leave people alone and go find some new work?”

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