Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Immediately Attempts to Cash In on Tucker Carlson's Firing


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasted little time after news of Tucker Carlson’s release from Fox News Monday was made public to use his exit as a means of raising money.

In an email obtained by Punchbowl News sent by AOC’s team to her supporters, they attacked Carlson while also asking donors to contribute to her campaign to help “fight hate speech in America.”

The end of the email read, “Will you stand with Alexandria and donate $3?”

The email came almost immediately following Carlson’s release and just two days after AOC was interviewed by former Biden press secretary and current MSNBC personality Jen Psaki.

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“I believe that when it comes to broadcast television, like Fox News, these are subject to federal law, federal regulation in terms of what’s allowed on air and what isn’t,” AOC said during the interview.

“When you look at what Tucker Carlson and some of these other folks on Fox do, it is very, very clearly incitement of violence — very clearly incitement of violence. And that is the line that we have to be willing to contend with,” AOC continued.

It was two days after that interview that FOX News and Carlson parted ways.

“We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor,” a FOX News Media representative said in a statement Monday.

AOC is the only person using Carlson’s firing to raise money for her own political campaign.

The email attacked Carlson specifically with lines like, “Since getting his own show on Fox in 2016, Carlson has relentlessly spewed hate speech. He said that allowing more immigrants into our country would make the U.S. ‘poorer and dirtier.'”

It also said that his firing was “a hugely positive development for all of us fighting against hate speech.”

Newsweek reported that it was not the first time Carlson and AOC sparred.

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“She’s a rich, entitled white lady,” Carlson said.

“She’s the pampered obnoxious ski bunny in the matching snowsuit who tells you to pull up your mask while you’re standing in the lift line at Jackson Hole. They’re all the same, it doesn’t matter what shade they are.”

AOC defended herself by calling Carlson “creepy” and then tweeting:

AOC’s team ended the email by painting herself as the victim and trying to show that Carlson deserved to be fired from his post.

“Fox News attacked Alexandria 75 times a day, on average, in 2019. Alexandria has been open about the serious impact this has had on her safety and mental health — but she has kept fighting because she knows a better world is possible,” the email stated.

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