Angry Customer Starts Trashing Restaurant, Grandma Grabs a Table and Shuts Her Down


Small business owners have faced much hardship over the course of 2020.

On the night after Thanksgiving, one San Francisco restaurant, Panchita’s Pupuseria, had a particularly hard time when an angry customer got violent.

That trouble was soon put to rest when the restaurant’s owner, determined to protect her family and business, decided to fight back.

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“At that moment I just had to do what I had to do because my daughter and my grandson were in the middle of the drama,” restaurant owner Doris Campos told KGO-TV.

Surveillance footage caught the whole exchange, which began after the customer learned her order was going to take a little longer than expected.

“We told her 15 minutes and it took about 20 minutes,” said Campos’ daughter, manager Doris Vargas.

What the customer did next shocked everyone present.

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“She grabbed a jug of like a five-pound hand sanitizer and launched it at me while I was holding my son,” Vargas said.

Campos’ motherly instincts then took over as she defended her family.

After first throwing what looked like the customer’s takeout order at her face, Campos grabbed a table, flipped it on its side and used it to push the woman all the way out of her restaurant.

Vargas had a message for restaurant patrons across the country during the hard times of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Being considerate of the employees and the business,” she said.

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“And just having some empathy for the industry itself. We are trying to stay afloat for the community and ourselves.”

Due to coronavirus lockdowns, 2020 has been especially hard on small businesses.

According to ABC News, experts have warned that up to a third of all American small businesses could close for good thanks to the lockdowns.

Increased restrictions on dining in have made it almost impossible for many restaurants to make a profit.

Panchita’s Pupuseria and other restaurants of the same sort are doing their best to adapt to harsh rules.

This makes it difficult at times to meet the same standard of service that might be expected in any normal year absent of COVID restrictions.

Restaurant owners and workers should be given some grace during the pandemic.

For those that don’t feel that way, watch out — at least one grandmother-owner out there has no qualms about setting angry customers straight.

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