Another 'House of Horrors' as Boy Held Captive by Parents Escapes Out Window


Children are our most precious gifts to the world. When we hear horror stories of abuse and neglect, it is heart-breaking.

One Dollar Store clerk was just doing his job when a young boy entered his store. He had no idea of the tragedy behind the boy’s eyes.

When he discovered the boy’s story, he was shocked.

The boy, along with three other children, ranging in age from six to twelve, had been adopted by Benito and Carol Gutierrez. They lived together in their Arizona home.

As the boy entered the Dollar Store, he asked the clerk if he could use the phone. When the clerk noticed the boy’s unkempt appearance and age, he called 911.

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The police began to unravel the boy’s devastating story. They went directly to the home and discovered another house of horrors.

The children had been kept in separate bedrooms, locked inside for twelve hours a day. There was no light source in any of the rooms and some of the windows had been boarded up from the outside.

The bedrooms each consisted of a mattress on the floor and though not filthy, the children were denied everything else, including food or water for periods of time.

Because the bedroom doors were locked from the outside, the children were only allowed to use the bathroom when they could bang on their doors loud enough for the parents to hear. One child was provided with a bucket in his room to use as a toilet.

The young boy who found his way to the Dollar Store had managed to escape by climbing through his bedroom window that had not been boarded up.

This heroic young boy would save the lives of his confined siblings.

After the violence and abuse of the Turpin children, it’s hard to imagine this kind of tragedy happening again. And all many of us want to do is reach out and hug those little ones who have already had a life of fear.

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These poor children could have been adopted by families who would have provided them with love and kindness. Instead another abusive tragedy has happened.

Criminal charges have been filed against Benito and Carol Gutierrez. The children have been removed from the home.

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