Another One: Now an 81-Year-Old Has Been Beaten for Wearing MAGA Hat in Public, Prosecutors Say


Peace. Tolerance. Coexist. Those used to be the mottos of liberals, printed on bumper stickers by those who claimed to despise violence and hatred. But increasingly, there seems to be a new theme among the left: Assault anyone who supports the president.

We’ve already reported on several recent incidents of fans of President Donald Trump being bullied and even assaulted for simply wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Now there’s another disturbing incident out of New Jersey, and this time the victim was an elderly man.

According to WNBC News in New York, an 81-year-old man was attacked and injured while shopping at a supermarket.

You guessed it: The senior citizen was wearing a “MAGA” hat, and that was apparently all it took for an unhinged leftist to lash out.

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“The Franklin Township resident was shopping at a store on Elizabeth Avenue around 3:30 p.m. Monday when someone confronted him about the hat, Somerset County prosecutors said Tuesday,” WNBC reported.

“A law enforcement source told News 4 the attack happened at the ShopRite of Somerset on Elizabeth Avenue,” the news station continued. “The attack left the man with minor injuries, prosecutors said.”

Fellow shoppers at the store expressed outrage at what happened, regardless of politics. “I think it’s very disgusting, the person that attacked him is a coward,” area resident Carlos Mendez told the NBC station.

Additional details about the attack and the suspect were still forthcoming as of Wednesday, but thankfully it sounds like the 81-year-old victim will be OK.

Do you think anti-conservative violence is escalating?

What’s not OK, however, is the shocking frequency with which these assaults seem to be happening.

While disgraced actor Jussie Smollett made national headlines by faking a lynching with a hoax meant to smear Trump supporters, real-life “MAGA” attacks are taking place. They just happen to be targeted toward conservatives.

Meanwhile, the establishment media doesn’t seem very interested in drawing attention to these cases, at least not at the national level. Comparing the coverage of the alleged attack on this elderly man to the media’s breathless obsession with the Smollett hoax is particularly eye-opening.

On Wednesday, for example, we reported on a man who was simply trying to order food at a restaurant when an irate woman assaulted him for wearing a red pro-Trump hat. She had to be removed from the establishment by police, who later discovered that she was an illegal alien from Brazil.

Even students have been targeted for harassment and violent assault for simply supporting the president. High school teachers have gotten in on the action, essentially bullying students who dare hold different political views.

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Some cases are far more frightening, such as this incident where a man allegedly pulled a gun and pointed it at a Trump supporter — again, all because of a presidential campaign hat.

There’s plenty of room in America for disagreement and debate, but this is not the way. If the left truly believes in “going high,” then they need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

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