AOC Demands Reparations for Migrant Families, Blames America for Conditions in Their Home Countries


After refusing to condemn the Biden border crisis for weeks, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York finally weighed in — but she blamed the United States for the influx of illegal aliens and demanded that migrant families get taxpayer-funded “reparations.”

The former bartender made the absurd remarks during a virtual town hall Wednesday when she decried the squalid conditions at the overcrowded detention centers, which Americans are bankrolling amid a recession induced by pandemic-related government shutdowns.

Ocasio-Cortez called the facilities “inhumane,” “horrifying,” “unacceptable” and “barbaric.”

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Reminder: Many of the detention centers were built under former President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Predictably, AOC refused to blame the Biden administration for encouraging the hourly invasions of unvetted, unmasked, unvaccinated illegal aliens.

Should illegal aliens get reparations?

Keep in mind that numerous migrants have said they felt invited to the United States by Biden himself.

Ocasio-Cortez said the migrant barrage is the result of “interventionist” U.S. foreign policies and claimed that Biden is trying to fix the problem.

In reality, he inflamed the crisis by halting wall construction and promising amnesty to foreign nationals who violate longstanding immigration laws he approved when he was a senator.

The congresswoman then slammed former President Donald Trump by claiming his administration “took babies out of the arms of their mothers.”

If this was such a common occurrence, where are the photos of these alleged incidents? The one overhyped instance of this left-wing narrative turned out to be false.

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“What is happening here is not the same as what happened during the Trump administration, where they took babies out of the arms of their mothers and deported their families and permanently traumatized these children, some of whom we don’t know will ever be reunified with their family again,” AOC said.

She then declared that any families who were separated during the Trump administration “are owed reparations” by American taxpayers.

Ocasio-Cortez blithely ignored the fact that many of these “migrant family separations” are voluntary. Unaccompanied children are routinely handed off to human smugglers by their negligent parents and then dumped off at the border like trash bags.

Maybe Americans are the ones who should get reparations for being forced to use their tax dollars to babysit other people’s children.

Ocasio-Cortez suggested that the United States deserves to be flooded by armies of illegal aliens because its policies caused the poverty and instability infesting the numerous struggling nations in Central and South America.

“This is not an invasion,” she said. “U.S. foreign policy has contributed to the destabilization of these regions … where the children are fleeing. … We have decades of interventionist foreign policies that have contributed to this issue.”

Reminder: Venezuela — which has the world’s largest oil reserves — was once a wealthy country.

As recently as 2001, it was the richest country in South America, but it has since cratered into poverty under socialist dictators.

AOC thinks giving out more free stuff and blaming the United States for all the problems in the world is a solution to Biden’s border apocalypse.

In reality, all it will do is encourage more illegal border crossings and the continued deterioration of the U.S. economy and national security.

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