Army Dad Sneaks Home Early To Surprise Son w/ Cerebral Palsy. Moment He Sees Dad, Tears Say It All


Josh Thornton, an Air Force Sergeant, had been deployed in the Middle East for over seven months. About a month before his return to his home in Colorado, Josh and his wife Sarah came up with a heartwarming way for him to surprise his children and other family members.

While Josh’s family knew he was returning home, he and his wife told them he’d be returning a week later than he was actually planning.

And the week before his family expected him, the epic surprise began.

His first stop was at his 8-year-old son’s school, where he hid in a classroom waiting for him. Jayden has cerebral palsy, and the moment his came into the room, his eyes locked on the man standing in the corner in his military uniform.

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“Hi buddy, how are you?” Josh said as he came around to hug Jayden. Both father and son began to cry as they hugged for the first time in seven months.

The family has recently started a fundraiser for Jayden for his continued medication and therapy with a goal of $20,000.

Their emotional reunion was only the first on the list. Josh then went to visit his other two children, Kolby, 5, and Rhilyn, 3. He waited in another classroom for them as their class filed in.

“I didn’t know you were coming home today!” Kolby said as he ran to his dad. “Surprise!” Josh said as he brought them both in for a hug.

Then Josh went to surprise his dad, who quite literally jumped for joy when he saw his son. “Yes! How did you do that?” he yelled as he jumped into his son’s arms.

Later, he also staged heartwarming surprises for his mother, his cousin, his cousin’s wife, his brothers, and his two dogs.

Josh’s amazing homecoming is sure to leave you in tears, surprise after surprise after surprise. See for yourself!

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Moments like these remind us just how special each second with family and loved ones truly is. It isn’t hard to see how incredibly loved Josh is, and it certainly proves how much his family means to him.

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