City Council Hits Army-Hating Teacher With Brutal News


El Rancho High School teacher Gregory Salcido, the smug California educator and local city council member who made headlines last month after a video of him insulting the military went viral, just got some bad news.

On Tuesday the Pico Rivera City Council passed a resolution condemning Salcido’s behavior and demanding that he resign from the council. Mayor Gustavo Camacho likewise “introduced a motion to censure Salcido, which would bar him from city committees and appointments,” according to The Associated Press.

To top it off, “nearly 50 angry but mostly orderly and calm” locals were allowed an opportunity Tuesday to vent their frustration at the anti-military educator, who last month was caught on tape lecturing his students to not join the military because those who serve are “the freaking lowest of our low.”

“Do the right thing. Be a man. Stand up. Apologize. And resign,” said one speaker.

“America: Love it or leave it. That’s the bottom line,” said another.

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“Mr. Salcido, I’m sure you remember me. You had me as a student in 2011. Last week, I called you a coward in the school board meeting. And I’m going to tell you to your face. You’re a disgrace to the city,” chimed in one of his former students, as reported by The Washington Post.

See scenes from the confrontation below:

What Salcido himself said after the locals vented to him, however, made it clear that he hasn’t learned a thing from this whole experience.

Should this guy be forced out?

“It’s not just the military — I don’t want them to work in a fast-food restaurant, either,” Salcido said, as reported by USA Today. “I am talking about their academic standing. I don’t think it’s at all a revelation to anybody that those who aren’t stellar students usually find the military a better option. That is as plain as that it’s Tuesday night.”

So according to Salcido, the trained men and women who risk their lives daily to uphold our freedoms — including the right to say stupid things — are the equivalent of those who flip burgers for a living.

That said, despite this man’s glaring ignorance, he doesn’t deserve this: “The last two and a half weeks have been … indescribable for me and my family. We’ve been inundated with death threats. People have told me they’re going to rape my wife, they’re going to kill me,” Salcido revealed Tuesday.

It’s OK to vent at Salcido, it’s OK to censure Salcido and it’s certainly OK to try and get Salcido kicked off the city council and fired from his teaching job, but this is not OK.

In fact, I daresay anyone who has the audacity to issue death threats at Salcido and his family is no better than he is.

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Look, the best way to defeat this man isn’t by sinking to his level, but by instead allowing him to sink himself just like he did with the insanely idiotic remarks he made Tuesday.

Trust me.

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