Astronaut Invites 'Special Age 4 Guest' To NASA Photo Shoot Ahead of Space Launch


Sometimes we don’t realize just how much children watch their parents. They send little reminders when they imitate certain phrases and mannerisms or even try on their parent’s clothes.

Anne McClain got one of these sweet reminders when she included her 4-year-old son in portraits for work. It’s pretty obvious by the look on his face just how proud he is of his mom. I mean, how many little kids can say (truthfully) their mom is an astronaut?

McClain is preparing for a November 17 launch. Official portraits are one of the many things that happen before the launch date.

Most astronauts’ photos are just of themselves, but others include family, friends and beloved pets. LeLand Melvin included his two rescue dogs in his.

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McClain wanted to include her 4 year old son; she shared them on her now deleted twitter account.

She tweeted, “Sometimes, I bring him to work with me. Not sure who enjoys it more!”

The look in his eyes proves how proud he is of his mom. He doesn’t yet fully understand just how special his mom is. McClain has a long list of credentials: a helicopter pilot, decorated US Army Major, aerospace engineer, and member of the 21st astronaut class.

When asked by his teacher what job his mom had, he proudly answered that his mom was an engineer. When McClain asked him if he told them anything else, he responded, “Mama, NONE of my friends have ever met an engineer.”

Just like any working mom, she knows that leaving her son at home is the most difficult part of her job. When asked which was more difficult, leaving for expeditions or staying home, she said that it wasn’t an easy answer.

She elaborated, “One provides immediate comfort, the other achieves not only lifelong goals but also teaches lifelong lessons. Gotta play the long game here. But it doesn’t make missing out on waffles with the kiddo in the morning any easier. Most parents can relate.”

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Others showed their support for McClain and thanked her for sharing. @jessalynsays encouraged her followers to share these photos with their daughters along with pictures of other working mothers in action.

McClain’s son already knows what so many are just now finding out: his mom is an inspiration. McClain knows that she has to keep pursuing her dream to set an example for him.

“The hardest part about training for space is the 4 yr old I have to leave behind every time I walk out the door. I try to remember he will grow up and know what it looks like, behind the scenes, to pursue a dream,” McClain told another working mom, “He is my ‘why.'”

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