Attack at Chuck E. Cheese is Like Something From Bad Reality T.V. Show


Chuck E. Cheese’s. You’re probably familiar with the place, whether you were the parent carting a load of kids to the over-stimulating display of light and sound or one of the bright-eyed littles aglow with the promise of games, tickets, and rip-off knick-knacks.

The carpets are lovely, colorful, geometric patterns that disguise the filth of years of squalling children and greasy pizza upsets.

The constant cacophony is only enhanced by the occasional outraged scream of a child who was definitely next in line.

It’s many parents’ nightmare, and they have to mentally prepare for the war zone they’re waltzing into. And yet, despite parental trepidation, kids seem to love the place.

They can play games to their heart’s content. They can exchange clunky insults deep within the bowels of the playplace tunnels, far from the reach of reprimand.

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Kids run the show at these establishments, like some colorful, contained Lord of the Flies experiment.

And it seems that we’re often pointing the finger at kids and young adults for being a despairing display of humanity, but in one recent incident, it was definitely not the kids who were at fault.

Maybe it was the noise, noise, noise. Maybe some kid’s ego was wounded and he ran to tattle.

Something triggered the massive brawl, and regardless of what it was, it must’ve been good because the dispute soon ballooned into a 15 to 20-person skirmish.

The incident took place at one of the fine establishment’s locations in Gloucester County, New Jersey, on Sunday night.

As a result, two women were arrested. Stephanie Levengood, 24, and Tracy Jones, 47, were pinned as the ringleaders and each faced multiple charges.

Levengood was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Jones was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and aggravated assault.

Two people were also injured in the incident. One woman received a gash on her hip, and a hapless employee who tried to break up the scuffle was thanked for his role with a cut to the hand.

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Police reportedly arrived at around 6 p.m. to the hellish sight of people fighting inside and outside of the Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Maybe the kids are alright. Maybe it’s the adults who need to shape up.

Or maybe the atmosphere of the chain where a kid can be a kid (whatever that means) is just too much for the everyday human to bear.

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