Austin: If Islamists' Takeover of Afghanistan Were Happening in Israel, the Left Would Cheer


Americans appear to be relatively unified in their horror of what’s happening in Afghanistan.

As the Taliban continues its swift takeover of the country, the rights of Afghans are quickly becoming a distant memory.

No reasonable American would support the terrorist takeover of a country … with one major exception.

If what is happening in Afghanistan right now were to happen in Israel, the majority of the American left would be cheering.

After all, back in May, when Palestinian terrorists decided to launch thousands of missiles at Israel, rather than decry those terrorist attacks, the left criticized the Israel Defense Forces for returning fire.

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Left-wing journalists, activists and politicians all excused Hamas’ actions by claiming Israel had it coming with its “systems of oppression.”

Articles in both The New York Times and The Washington Post went as far as to claim that Israel’s retaliatory actions qualified as war crimes, despite the fact that Hamas operates out of densely populated areas and repeatedly puts its own citizens in harm’s way on purpose.

So, why does the left hate Israel and not Afghanistan?

Why would the left excuse the actions of Palestinian terrorists and not the Taliban?

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There are two major reasons: Israel is wealthy, and the left does not believe in personal responsibility.

In an Op-Ed for The Western Journal, conservative political commentator Star Parker explained why the left hates Israel while excusing the actions of its terrorist enemies.

Parker began by pointing out that the people of Palestine were given a choice in 2005 when Israel unilaterally pulled out of Gaza.

Does the American left treat Israel unfairly?

“The Palestinians could have started building, putting in place infrastructure for political and economic freedom that would allow them to produce the kind of miracle the Israelis have produced. But instead, they put Hamas terrorists in charge, who started shooting missiles into Israel,” Parker wrote.

“In a hard and imperfect world, it’s so much easier to hate and blame than to take personal responsibility to create and build. We see the same in our own country.”

Additionally, because Israel has a competent military while Hamas does not, the left views the Jewish state as a “privileged oppressor,” whereas it views Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups as “oppressed.”

This is consistent with left-wing logic. After all, whenever a criminal is shot by police, if that criminal just so happens to be a minority, it doesn’t matter if he or she was shot justifiably. The left consistently paints each case as an example of systemic racism, with the criminal being “oppressed” and the police officer an “oppressor.”

The left rarely lets facts get in the way of its Marxist narratives.

So, next time you hear a leftist decrying the human rights violations going on under the Taliban, make sure to remember one important fact: If those atrocities were to be committed against the Jewish people of Israel, the same person would likely be singing a very different tune.

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