Barack Obama Insults Every African-American Man Who Voted for Donald Trump


Former President Barack Obama thinks more black men voted for President Donald Trump this year because they’re “susceptible” to a “macho style” candidate.

During an interview Tuesday with Peter Hamby, the host of Snapchat’s “Good Luck America,” Obama was asked why so many African-American men decided to vote for Trump in the 2020 election.

The Democrat’s response was an incredibly simplistic analysis of his fellow black Americans, the type of stereotyping that the left would normally consider to be blatantly racist.

According to a news release this week from the Republican National Committee, 12 percent of African-Americans voted for Trump this year, which is up from 8 percent in 2016 and the highest percentage for a GOP presidential candidate since 1996. He did particularly well among black men, with 19 percent backing him compared with 13 percent in 2016.

“Trump did marginally better among black folks this time … What’s going on there in your mind?” Hamby said. “Why have those numbers moved a little bit?”

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“I think men generally are more susceptible to public figures who act tough, sort of a stereotypical macho style,” Obama responded.

“I don’t think black men are immune to that any more than white or Hispanic men are,” he said.

Obama went on to say, “If there are some in the hip-hop community who are constantly rapping about bling and depicting women in a certain way, and then they hear Donald Trump basically delivering the same version of it, they might say, ‘Yeah, that guy, that’s what I want. That’s what I want to be.'”

Is Obama right about black men who voted for Trump?

If the roles were reversed and it was a white conservative claiming that black men vote for Democratic candidates because they are more “susceptible” to a candidate’s personal demeanor, these comments would not be seen as a thoughtful analysis of voting patterns.

Instead, that white conservative would be instantly labeled an anti-black racist perpetuating dangerous racial stereotypes.

Moreover, left-wingers like Obama can’t possibly fathom that maybe, just maybe, more black voters might actually believe in free markets and conservative family values in 2020.

Instead of considering that explanation, the former president chose to suggest that black men are unintelligent rubes who pick candidates based on how manly they are and what rap music they like.

If Trump proved anything in the 2020 election, it was that the left’s stranglehold on minority communities is slipping.

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Conservative values and policies are much better suited to help all communities, regardless of their racial makeup, reach greater economic success.

Minority groups seem to be waking up to this reality.

If these trends continue going into the 2022 midterm elections and beyond, the Democratic Party will be in deep trouble.

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