Beer Cans Are Showing Up with 'Epstein Didn't Kill Himself' Printed on Can


Anybody who has spent time on social media over the past few weeks has undoubtedly seen the deluge of memes regarding the questionable circumstances surrounding the death of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

In short, the message of “Epstein didn’t kill himself” has all but taken over the internet, and increasingly has been migrating out into real life.

It appears that a brewery in California has now gotten in on the act. KUTV reported that a special limited batch of beer (about 54 packs worth) will have that specific message printed on the bottom of the cans, right underneath the date of when the brews were canned.

The brewery behind the message, which questions the “official” story that Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell, is known as Tactical Ops Brewing in Clovis, California, right outside of Fresno.

The manager of that brewery, Carlos Tovar, explained that he’d been thinking about adding the message to the bottom of the cans for about a week. He said he devised the idea after realizing Epstein memes had become “a big thing right now.”

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KUTV reported that the brewery will only be doing one batch of canned beer — about 54 packs worth — with the special message about Epstein.

The beer bearing the message is the brewery’s Basher Oatmeal Stout.

Do you believe that Epstein didn't kill himself?

As noted, the Epstein meme has been migrating off of social media and into reality, perhaps most famously during Saturday’s airing of Fox News host Jesse Watters’ “Watters’ World.

At the tail-end of a segment with a former Navy SEAL about military dogs, Mike Ritland of the Warrior Dogs Foundation slipped in “Epstein didn’t kill himself” at the end of his final remarks. That prompted a delayed laugh from Watters, who said, “OK. Thank you for that commentary. Maybe more on that later.”

Though the “official” reports early on attributed Epstein’s death to suicide by hanging, the conspiratorial meme that he, in fact, didn’t actually kill himself took on additional life after a recent autopsy report. The report indicated that damage done to specific bones in his neck were more commonly attributed to homicidal strangulation by an assailant, not by a suicidal hanging.

Further fueling the suspicion that Epstein was actually killed is the fact that he was associated with an incredibly large number of highly influential elites around the globe — virtually all of whom would like nothing more than for Epstein to be silenced for good to prevent him from incriminating anybody else in his sordid activities with innocent underage girls.

Arguably making matters worse was a recent revelation, thanks to Project Veritas, that ABC News had essentially spiked a story detailing all of the horrific allegations and evidence against Epstein — and a number of his compatriots, such as former President Bill Clinton — back in 2016 during the presidential election.

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Rather than come clean about why such an incredible bombshell story was “quashed” — as per the frustrated anchor lamenting the occurrence — the network instead issued a lame statement saying the story had failed to meet certain “editorial standards.” Of course, ABC has run with numerous other stories with far less corroboration or evidence than the anchor claimed she had.

ABC then launched a concerted effort to discover and see punished the purported individual who leaked the footage of the anchor making her claims on a “hot mic” while off the air.

In the end, the “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. It is quite likely that this batch of beer cans bearing that message won’t be the last time the Epstein meme escapes the confines of social media and makes an appearance in the real world.

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Ben Marquis has written on current events and politics for The Western Journal since 2014. He reads voraciously and writes about the news of the day from a conservative-libertarian perspective. He is an advocate for a more constitutional government and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, which protects the rest of our natural rights. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the love of his life as well as four dogs and four cats.
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