Bernie Stoops to Entirely New Low, Won't Even Endorse His Son's Congressional Nomination


Liberalism is supposedly about helping people — by taking money from others, of course — but one of the most liberal senators in the United States is apparently hesitating to even help his own son.

Bernie Sanders is famous for losing to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary, and for openly being a socialist who advocates radical far-left policies like wealth redistribution.

It seems Sanders has some equally radical policies when it comes to his own family. According to The Daily Caller, the Democratic socialist has refused to endorse his son, who is running for Congress in New Hampshire.

“(S)ince his son announced his run for Congress in February, the current senator has yet to publicly support or even visit the state his son is campaigning for against eight other Democratic candidates,” the outlet reported.

Sanders did say that he is “proud” of the work his son has done, but gave a vague reason for not endorsing his progeny.

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“Levi has spent his life in service to low-income and working families, and I am very proud of all that he has done,” the senator told the Boston Globe.

“In our family, however, we do not believe in dynastic politics. Levi is running his own campaign in his own way,” the elder Sanders said.

Bizarrely, the liberal senator has recently endorsed other candidates, including Randy Bryce in Wisconsin and Ben Jealous in Maryland. That strange disconnect has prompted some pundits to wonder what is going on between father and son.

“The father is acting as if the son’s campaign barely existed, making for an awkward political storyline for a family that shares its ultraliberal lineage right along with the DNA,” wrote the Boston Globe.

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“It is especially strange because Levi Sanders has been a constant presence in his father’s political life, from sitting on his lap as a 2-year-old during Sanders’ first run for public office, to following him around the country during the senator’s 2016 presidential campaign,” the newspaper continued.

Levi Sanders was scheduled to have a detailed interview with the Globe about his campaign and his father, but canceled at the last minute without much explanation.

When the newspaper talked to east coast political experts about the situation, they received a jarring answer: Bernie may want nothing to do with his son’s campaign because of how terribly it’s being run.

“New Hampshire observers speculate that the real reason Bernie Sanders has not weighed in on his son’s behalf is that Levi Sanders is running what most in the state consider to be an inept campaign – and Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to be damaged in the run-up to a potential 2020 campaign of his own,” the paper wrote.

“Nobody I know is really considering Levi as an option,” former state Sen. Burt Cohen, who is close to Bernie Sanders, said.

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“No, it’s actually worse than that: I don’t hear anyone even bringing up his name,” Cohen continued. “People aren’t sure why he is running. If Levi thought he could just transfer the enthusiasm from his father to himself, well he is learning that is just not happening at all.”

That political expert had even more harsh words about the situation.

“It is just silly what he is doing,” Cohen said. “The way to sum up how people feel about the campaign is the eye rolls you get when his name does, infrequently, come up.”

Funny, that’s the same reaction most Americans have to Bernie. It looks like political irrelevancy runs in the family.

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