Biden Would Be an Absolute Fool to Ignore North Korea's Latest Announcement


Just when you thought things could not possibly become any more worrisome in the United States, it seems that the old thorn in America’s side, North Korea, is beginning to rumble once again.

This latest provocation comes, according to the Japan Times, after North Korea announced that it had conducted a cruise missile drill on Thursday, in which four missiles “precisely hit” a target in the Sea of Japan.

This latest launch comes after the Pentagon announced on Friday that the United States and South Korea had conducted a tabletop military exercise that focused on the possible use of nuclear weapons by the North. The two countries also plan to hold computer-simulated combined training and large field exercises in the next few months.

So far, this is par for the course in terms of North Korean funny business.

But then, a very chilling announcement came from North Korea.

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After the United States called a UN Security Council meeting in response to the North’s missile tests, the North Korean government issued a statement saying that they would take “strong countermeasures” against any attempt by the UN to put pressure on them.

“The U.S. should bear in mind that if it persists in its hostile and provocative practices against the DPRK despite the latter’s repeated protest and warning, it can be regarded as a declaration of war against the DPRK,” the statement continued.

North Korea has now threatened war against the United States if the US continues with what the DPRK calls “hostile and provocative practices” against the regime.

While it is tempting to see this as just one more addition to a long train of toothless threats by the North Korean government, Biden needs to take these threats seriously.

Will the United States go to war with North Korea?

The last time American troops faced off against North Korea was in the 1950’s during the Korean War, but the world has radically changed since then, and warfare is not what it used to be.

North Korea is no longer a backwater nation and a third-rate military power anymore. It has a modern military and is in possession of dangerous weapons that could strike the United States’ heartland.

This means that a second Korean war might not be confined to the Korean Peninsula like the first one was, but there is a very real chance that it could shift the theater of war to the United States.

Biden would be an absolute fool to not take this seriously, as North Korea is explicitly threatening harm to the nation and may very well have the means to do so if war does break out.

What makes this situation all the more dangerous is the fact that North Korea could have two very powerful allies if war does break out: China and Russia.

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Tensions with China have been steadily growing over the past few years due to the increasingly aggressive stance that China has taken towards Taiwan and the revelation that Chinese spy balloons have been flying over the country.

Meanwhile, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has reignited the old tensions between the United States and Russia, with the Biden administration giving full support to Ukraine despite threats from the Russian government.

North Korea would not be alone in any war against the United States, as it is likely that either Russia or China, or maybe even both, would join the war on the North Korean side.

Thus, Biden has a responsibility to take this announcement by the North with the gravity it deserves. The security of our nation against hostile foreign powers is at stake here.

If we are not willing to take a firm stance in order to deter North Korea from taking any aggressive action then it will lead us to a place where we do not want to go.

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