Biden Forced to Admit He Snubbed Key Leader in Ohio Train Crisis After Claiming to Speak with 'Every Major Figure'


If the residents of East Palestine needed any further proof that President Joe Biden does not care about them, they only needed to look at the events of the last 24 hours.

First, a reporter asked Biden on the White House lawn if he was planning on visiting East Palestine. Biden responded by saying, “At this moment not. I was, I did a whole video, I mean, uh, you know, the uh, what the hell? On…”

When the reporter then asked if Biden meant Zoom, he responded, “Zoom. All I can hear every time I think of Zoom is that song of my generation, ‘Who’s Zoomin’ Who?'”

Apparently, the plight of the residents of East Palestine is a joke to President Biden.

Biden then went on the claim that “I’ve spoken with every single major figure in both Pennsylvania and in Ohio.”

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But that was not the only statement by Biden that was sure to enrage the residents of Ohio. Later, he held his first sit-down interview since the train crash with David Muir of ABC, not to discuss the situation in Ohio, but primarily to discuss the one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

Muir did, however, ask him about the disaster in East Palestine, saying, “The mayor says he saw you in Ukraine, and he says, ‘It tells you he doesn’t care about us.’ They’re asking, is the President coming to Ohio? Do you have any plan to travel to Ohio, and have you talked with the mayor yet?”

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Biden again reiterated what he said earlier, “I’ve spoken at length to the congresspersons, the governors, the senators from both states of Pennsylvania and, and in Ohio. And I’ve made it clear to them, anything they need is available or we’ll make it available to them.”

But Muir did not let Biden off the hook and reiterated, “So do you plan to travel there, and have you talked with the mayor?”

Biden’s response to this direct question was, “I can’t recall whether I’ve — I don’t think I’ve talked to the mayor. I’ve talked to everyone else there, multiple times. I’ve talked to both the senators, both governors. I’ve talked to everyone there is to talk to, and we’ve made it clear that everything is available.”

So Biden is claiming to have talked to everyone that he needs to regarding the situation in East Palestine, but he has not yet talked to the mayor of the town at the center of the disaster. Yes, it is important to speak with the governors and senators from those states, but they are not the ones directly affected by it. The mayor of East Palestine is the one at the center of the situation, and Biden needs to speak to him.

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At this point, it is clear that the plight of East Palestine is towards the bottom of Biden’s priority list.

Despite Muir’s tough questions about the situation, the interview had much more to do with Ukraine and the 2024 election than it did about Ohio. Apparently, the plight of a foreign nation thousands of miles away is more important than the plight of American citizens.

In the three weeks since the crash, Biden could not even bring himself to visit the beleaguered town, instead making them settle for a Zoom call. Meanwhile, he has enough time for a trip to Ukraine to visit Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the whole modus operandi of the Biden administration is “America Last.”

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