Biden Gets Bad News with New National Poll


Despite having received over 80 million votes in November, President Joe Biden appears to be off to a relatively weak start.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll that surveyed Americans between Jan. 28 and Feb. 1, Biden’s approval rating is just 49 percent — well below the majority approval that newly elected presidents typically receive.

“The Biden numbers are solid but not spectacular as the country tries to coalesce around a new administration that faces the dual challenge of daunting economic struggles and comforting a COVID-weary public,” Quinnipiac policy analyst Tim Malloy said.

The telephone survey of 1,075 adults had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent.

This follows a Quinnipiac poll released nine days before Biden’s inauguration that indicated Americans doubted Biden would unite the country.

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Bloomberg White House reporter Jennifer Epstein tweeted that “31% of voters say they think [Biden] will be able to unite the country and 56% say they expect partisan divisions to remain the same, while 14% are unsure.”

Fox News noted that “while Biden starts out his presidency in a higher polling position than his predecessor — President Trump’s approval registered in the mid 40s in January 2017 — he lags behind the three two-term presidents who preceded Trump.”

Do you think President Biden will unite America?

“Barack Obama’s approval rating stood in the 60s in January 2009, and George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were each in the upper 50s at the start of their tenures in January 2001 and January 1993.”

Clearly, the American people are unconvinced that Joe Biden will be the great unifier he portrayed himself to be on the campaign trail.

Furthermore, Biden appears to be struggling not only in terms of his general promises but also his more concrete policy proposals.

His numerous executive orders, in particular, are only deepening citizens’ concerns.

One area of alarm is the new administration’s abortion extremism. In one of his orders, Biden rescinded the so-called Mexico City Policy, which bars taxpayer funds from going to foreign organizations that provide abortions or services related to the procedure.

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The Susan B. Anthony List tweeted Wednesday that Biden “has clearly stated he wants to unify our country – but recent executive actions have signaled a different message.”

However you want to digest Biden’s approval rating, it isn’t good news for him as he starts his term.

His agenda requires broad support, and that is simply something the administration does not have right now.

Biden and his team have a lot of work to do in securing the support of those who wanted something more than “not Donald Trump” in a presidential candidate.

For the sake of the country, I hope Joe Biden is able to unite the American people, but my confidence in that outcome is extremely low. It’s a lot more likely that he’ll be controlled, at least to a certain extent, by radicals in the Democratic Party who want to tear the country down.

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