Biden's America: Why Buy Inflated Goods When You Can Loot a Store in Broad Daylight?


It is no secret that the cost of just about everything has been skyrocketing.

Speaking anecdotally, a good, one-pound ribeye costs me about 50 percent more than it used to. For Americans like me, who are used to getting their food at a reasonable price and quantity, this has not been an enjoyable experience.

While President Brandon and his minions have done their best to divert attention from (or even justify) inflation, some unsavory characters in American society are taking things into their own hands.

According to WFSB-TV, a handful of unknown thieves in Oxford, Connecticut, were seen filling multiple shopping carts with goods, walking out of the store without paying for said goods and loading the goods up into SUVs, which are believed to be stolen.

You can see a video of the crime below. It is absolutely bonkers:

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Police were not called until roughly 10 minutes after the video was shot. As such, the suspects were able to get away.

Are there empty shelves at your local grocery store?

“Had 911 been contacted in a timely manner, police personnel would have been able to attempt to intercept those involved. We would like to remind everyone to stay vigilant and not to engage with people like this when a crime is occurring,” the local police department said in a press release.

The public’s reaction to such brazen thievery can be summarized as angry and frustrated, but unsurprised:

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A couple of Twitter users connected the thefts with some of the Democratic Party’s policies:

If the Biden administration keeps ignoring the inflation problem, incidents like this will only continue. These types of precarious economic positions don’t happen in America, and bad actors will do whatever it takes to exploit the situation.

Hopefully, the supply chain recovers soon. Otherwise, we will have empty shelves for an entirely different reason.

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