Biden Got Lost Arriving to WH Tuesday, Worked Just 2 Days, Taking 2-Week Vacation from DC


President Joe Biden may have gotten lost at the White House after returning from his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, on Tuesday, but he can definitely find his way out of Washington for another vacation.

By now you have probably seen the video of the gaffe machine wandering straight onto the White House grass despite his handler directing him down a paved walkway to the right.

While a lot can be said about Biden’s apparent mental struggles, we can pose more questions about his suitability for the office after hearing he’s headed back out of town after just two days in D.C.

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That’s right. Two days.

Fox News noted that the irresponsible gesture came amid a number of crises mounting around the nation (and the world).

The “deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan” — which prompted the U.S. to send troops to help Americans make their escape — was listed first among those.

There’s also the border crisis, skyrocketing inflation, a record number of job vacancies and — let us not forget — a surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in some states as the delta variant takes much of the nation by storm.

Should Biden be going on vacation right now?

But the devil is in the details.

To break things into numbers, Fox News noted that “more than 212,000 people were encountered crossing the border in July” — not just a 13 percent increase over June but also a two-decade high.

In addition, the highly contagious delta variant is on the rise, and packing migrants into detention facilities before releasing them into various parts of the country is far from the brightest idea.

Perhaps those on the left — including Biden — aren’t taking the virus as seriously as they claim.

Meanwhile, we’re all feeling the overwhelming effects of high inflation.

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Fox Business reported Thursday that the producer price index for final demand “increased at a 7.8% pace for the 12 months ended July,” faster than the 7.3 percent pace from June, according to the Department of Labor.

Producer prices also rose 1 percent in July, surpassing the 0.6 percent increase analysts predicted.

This increase is the same as the one documented for June.

The report said we can attribute about three-quarters of the increase to “the 1.1% rise in prices for final demand services, the largest on record,” and almost half to “a 1.7% rise in margins for final demand trade services, which measure changes in margins received by wholesalers and retailers.”

Another 20 percent comes from vehicles and vehicle parts, which saw an increase of 11.2 percent.

And then there are the job vacancies across the country.

They hit a record 10.1 million this summer, according to the BBC.

It’s a long walk to say perhaps Biden should reconsider the approximately two-week stay he’s planned away from Washington.

His desire to get out of D.C. apparently far outstrips that of former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

To date, Biden has spent only six of the first 29 weekends of his presidency at the White House, NPR reported on Saturday.

He has spent 14 of those weekends in his hometown of Wilmington.

In total, he has been away from the office for 72 days. That puts him just behind former President George W. Bush, who spent 79 days away from the White House, predominantly at his Texas ranch.

Meanwhile, Obama had been gone for 17 days at this point in his presidency, while the number was 41 for Trump, according to NPR.

We can easily speculate how the establishment media might cover a Trump golf outing if he were still president amid such crises.

But it’s safe to say Biden will face no firestorm of criticism for leaving D.C. right now.

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