Biden Inauguration Kicks Off with What Appears to Be Deceptive Performance


As President Joe Biden’s inauguration was streamed live on Wednesday, a duo of the Democrat’s celebrity singers were accused of lip-syncing their respective patriotic performances on social media by many who eyed them with suspicion.

Now that former President Donald Trump (that doesn’t at all roll off the tongue) is kicking off the next chapter of his life at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, one thing is clear: Hollywood is back around the White House.

The Obama administration, which Biden was part of for eight years, enjoyed the backing of entertainers in film, TV, music and sports. The America-first movement was never for those who benefit from international film and music sales –or from economic populism. Now that that the wheels are in motion for Obama administration term number three, entertainment’s elites are back in the mix.

Pop singer Lady Gaga sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” Wednesday before the Biden inauguration.

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Nothing says “America is retuning to form” like a performance by a woman who was once best known to many people for walking around in a raw beef dress.

Gaga’s rendition of the national anthem was followed by a “patriotic medley,” as NBC put it, from singer/actress Jennifer Lopez.

Wednesday was a star-studded affair, and nobody was invited but reporters, all those troops and the entertainment elite. Their performances seemed to signal a thin veneer will once again enfold the Oval Office. Backward policies will succeed an inaugural ball fronted by botox, lip injections and, according to some, lip-syncing.

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Whether the performers were actually lip-syncing isn’t clear. We could be viewing a delay. We could also be seeing a signal that absolutely everyone — including Biden’s starlets — is back to only paying lip service in Washington after Trump spent four years walking the walk.

Biden isn’t expected to be a transparent president. The mainstream media will also insulate his everyday failures and repackage each day’s events as successes. It’ll be a real doozy, as the corporate media hacks return to their roles as mindless members of the state media.

Many people, though, can always spot a phony. Prior to Biden’s taking the reins of the country on Wednesday, astute people were already eying his grand ball with suspicion, and many have concluded that the incoming administration’s performers couldn’t even be honest with the American people by bothering to actually sing the music they were performing.

Perhaps Biden’s entertainers and their alleged facades of performances are a prelude to what we can expect in the years to come. Millions of Americans don’t expect anything truly substantive from Biden. Thus far, many don’t appear to be disappointed by the perceived insincerity of his inauguration.

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