Biden Prepping Saudi Arabia Visit to Plead with Islamist Dictatorship for More Oil Production


President Joe Biden is finally making an attempt to solve the crippling gas prices devastating the finances of everyday Americans.

He’s not moving to solve the problem with American energy, though.

Biden is planning a visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia later this month, according to administration officials cited by the New York Times. The trip will be added to an already planned visit to Europe and Israel.

Biden is expected to lobby the Saudis to boost their oil production in an attempt to drive down sky-high gas prices at home and in Europe.

The president’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has been distant, stemming from his pledge to treat the country as a “pariah” during his presidential campaign.

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At the time, Biden pointed to the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, a critic of Saudi Arabia’s ruling monarchy.

Saudi Arabia’s human rights record has been criticized for decades. Sunni Islam is the only religion the kingdom allows to be practiced publicly. Fifteen of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi citizens.

However, the country is a global heavyweight in natural gas production, with the second-largest proven reserves of oil in the world.

Gas prices, which were already becoming unaffordable at the start of the year, became even more volatile after Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine Feb. 24.

Should the oil be produced in America instead?

The war cut off the supply of Russian gas to Europe, limiting supply to a level insufficient for demand.

Biden’s strategy of lobbying Saudi Arabia may be his alternative to producing more energy in America.

Oil and gas leases on federal lands continue to be canceled, even after prices have skyrocketed to record-setting new highs under Biden’s tenure.

Biden administration officials have consistently signaled their preference to abandon fossil fuels entirely, even as the president pressures the Islamist theocracy to supply more oil.

Out-of-touch bureaucrats have suggested that Americans simply buy electric cars if they’re frustrated with losing thousands of dollars at the gas pump.

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Saudi fossil fuels are just are harmful to the environment as American energy.

Real energy independence would put the United States in a position where it wouldn’t have to carry a tin cup to foreign dictatorships to beg for gas.

Instead, Biden will place the American commuter at the mercy of Saudi Arabia.

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