Biden Recounts Insulting a Delaware Hunter in New Demand for 'Assault Weapons' Ban


President Joe Biden recounted a tense interaction with a hunter in Delaware on Monday.

No, not his troubled and ethically challenged son — an actual hunter who Biden claimed to have met in a Delaware creek bed at some point in the past.

The president was speaking at a White House event in which he announced a new executive order attacking so-called ghost guns — privately made firearms without serial numbers.

He also called for a ban on “assault weapons and high-capacity magazines” in his Rose Garden comments.

Biden recounted an interaction with a “guy” who wasn’t happy about his support of the 1994 law banning so-called assault weapons when he represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate.

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“You want to take my gun?” the hunter asked him, according to Biden’s retelling of events.

“I don’t want to take your gun,” Biden said he told the man.

“He said, ‘Well you’re telling me I can’t have more than X number of bullets, in a, in, in, in a, in my gun.'”

“And I said, ‘What do you think, the deer you’re hunting are wearing Kevlar vests? What the hell you need 20 bullets for? You must be a hell of a terrible shot.'”

In Biden’s view, American gun owners want AR-15’s to rapidly fire entire 30-round magazines at deer. Or something.

The president repeated a bevy of gun control propaganda in the anecdote, including the insinuation that “high capacity” rifles are intended for hunting.

It nearly goes without saying that the hunter in question didn’t use an AR-15 to hunt deer.

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Gun control proponents frequently claim the right to bear arms enshrined in the Constitution is only for hunting.

In fact, the Second Amendment was intended to allow the civilian populace of the early United States to have weapons they could use to defend themselves and resist tyranny.

Americans freely bought and sold weapons ranging from muskets to cannons in the period during and after the Revolutionary War.

There’s a grizzled sportsman somewhere in southern Delaware who can’t be too happy about Biden’s recollection of their fateful interaction.

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