Biden's Border Crisis: ICE Will Officially Stop Deporting Some Illegal Immigrants


The Biden administration’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency revealed Wednesday that it has found a new justification to avoid deporting illegal aliens.

ICE announced a policy under which a person who is in the country illegally can now avoid being kicked out for that crime if he or she is the victim of another crime.

The agency said in a news release that people who are victimized deserve to stay in the U.S. so they might find “justice.”

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced today its updated policy to support noncitizen victims of crime,” the release said. “ICE will help victims seek justice and facilitate access to immigration benefits for noncitizens who have been victims of crime.”

It said the policy is “designed to improve victims’ ability to seek justice against perpetrators of crime, including in cases of human trafficking.”

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Acting ICE Director Tae Johnson issued a statement about the move.

“This policy update facilitates victim cooperation with law enforcement, enhances ICE’s criminal investigative efforts, and promotes trust in ICE agents and officers enforcing our laws. It is ICE’s commitment to assist victims of crime regardless of their immigration status,” Johnson said.

“Through this approach, we minimize the fear of repercussions that enforcement decisions may have on the willingness and ability of noncitizen crime victims to contact law enforcement, participate in investigations and prosecutions, pursue justice, and seek benefits,” he said.

The announcement is an absurd cover for the now-politicized agency’s decision to advocate for people who, by virtue of their crossing the border illegally, are criminals.

Do you approve of this new policy?

Remember when ICE used to just enforce immigration law? Sometimes the job required kicking out people who did not belong here and had no stake to a claim of asylum. Those days are long gone.

Now, the agency is on the side of the people whose first act as residents in this country is to flout the rule of law. ICE apparently has been compromised by the same Marxists who are running our country into the ground through other agencies.

Many illegal immigrants arrived in our country by hiring drug cartel coyotes to deliver them to the border. Can they use that to claim they are victims of human trafficking? Is ICE signaling a technicality is on the table?

The agency seemed to suggest that in the news release as it claimed it was looking out for vulnerable people.

Democrats are conniving little devils who enjoy undermining the country’s laws and common sense. Their tactics always keep their detractors on the defensive. If only Republicans fought this dirty.

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Democrats are remaking the country’s electorate amid a pandemic they want us to believe is an existential crisis to all human life. But they’re also using the government’s agencies to help them achieve political objectives. One of them is to add millions of new Democratic voters to the rolls.

The Biden administration’s activist officials know that continuing to allow people to stream into the country is bad politics. News releases such as the one issued by ICE on Wednesday signal Democrats are prepared to handle the blowback by using any means necessary.

By giving illegal immigrants an out, they can portray themselves as humanitarians. They can also brand opponents of their lax border security policies as vile monsters who hate crime victims.

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