Biden's Checkered Past as a Liberal Will Turn Off Every Hardcore Leftist in the Country & Help Hand 2020 To Trump


Every week, it seems, 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden has another reason to consider dropping out.

Despite his commanding lead in major polls surveying would-be voters, the ex-vice president keeps making mistakes while speaking in public.

What’s more, according to the Washington Examiner, Biden’s past remarks and actions continue to resurface and haunt his campaign.

While giving an address in Idaho circa February 1976, Biden referred to America’s diversity as “poppycock,” the Examiner reported.

“We hear that all the time, about it being black and white, rich and poor, Christian and Jew — therefore we’re strong. I told you then, I thought that was a bunch of poppycock,” Biden said at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Boise. “The fact we are black and white doesn’t bring us together as a nation.”

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While those remarks may have been relatively uncontroversial in the 1970s, they don’t sit well in 2019 with a Democratic party that has shifted further left and embraced identity politics. Biden has accordingly changed his tune.

During this year’s Democratic debates and on the campaign trail, the former Delaware senator has emphasized America’s diversity and the strengths of being a melting-pot nation.

But when you’re a former vice president and leading the parade of presidential contenders, you’re going to get called out. Especially when you’re 76 years old and making gaffes every week.

Most recently, Biden mixed up the Sandy Hook and Parkland school shootings. Also last week (for the second time this summer), he confused the late Margaret Thatcher’s name with that of ex-U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May. Biden also flubbed the locations of the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, saying the tragedies took place in Houston and Michigan.

Do you think Joe Biden makes too many mistakes to be taken seriously?

He is also losing patience with persistent members of the media, as Biden told a young questioner Monday, “Don’t play games with me, kid.”

But the man’s flip-flopping on statements from years ago is also taking its toll. Among the 2020 hopefuls breathing down Biden’s neck is Sen. Kamala Harris, who hammered him about school segregation during their first debate in Miami.

When it comes to pitting a viable, capable challenger against President Donald Trump, it’s obvious that progressive Democrats aren’t in Biden’s corner. That appeared obvious early in his campaign, as The New York Times’ Alex Burns tweeted in June.

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At this rate, it’s just a matter of time before critics appear on Biden’s doorstep with a battering ram. It could be too late for him to air out his musty past, as his window is closing.

Modern-day radical leftists are pouncing on any evidence that proves the former vice president has waffled or changed his mind on key issues. The likes of Sens. Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Harris will no doubt assail him in future debates.

Biden is aware his 2020 opponents will leave no political stones unturned, even if doing so takes immeasurable manpower as long as he stays in the race. His only option, in lieu of dropping out, is to stand tall and show more backbone than a banana.

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James Luksic has been a writer and editor for a panoply of publications and websites for 30 years.
James Luksic has been a writer and editor for a panoply of publications, corporations and websites -- including Montecito Journal, Dayton Daily News and Lexis-Nexis -- for 30 years.