Biden's Pick To Lead Education Team Has Praised Chinese Communist Party's Work


Former Vice President Joe Biden’s pick to lead his education transition team praised communist China’s “magical work” in what effectively amounts to the authoritarian brainwashing of children.

This is yet another red flag suggesting that the presumptive president-elect would be soft on the Chinese Communist Party.

And it lends credence to mounting speculation among conservatives that Biden is a Trojan horse for socialism.

Linda Darling-Hammond is the president of the California State Board of Education and a professor emeritus at Stanford University. In 2008, she was the lead on then-President-elect Barack Obama’s education transition team.

In her 2017 book “Empowered Educators: How High-Performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality Around the World,” Darling-Hammond raved about China’s system of convincing its children that teachers — who are agents of the communist regime — are to be revered on a nearly spiritual level.

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“Teachers in China are revered as elders, role models, and those whom parents entrust to shape the future of their children,” Darling-Hammond gushed, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

She continued: “In the Tao traditions of ritual, the phrase ‘heaven-earth-sovereign-parent-teacher’ is repeated and becomes ingrained in how people see themselves holistically governed and supported.”

The book’s description on Amazon, meanwhile, praised about the “seemingly magical work” done in a number of countries, including China, to produce “highly skilled and committed teachers.”

“In high-performing countries, the opportunities for teachers to learn sophisticated practices and continue to improve are embedded systemically in education policies and practices. ‘Empowered Educators’ describes how this seemingly magical work is done — how a number of forward-thinking educational systems create a coherent set of policies designed to ensure quality teaching in all communities …  and how the results are manifested in practice” the description read.

Do you think Joe Biden would be soft on China were he to become president?

While I have not read the whole book, I do wonder whether Darling-Hammond mentioned that teachers in China are pressured to maintain allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party, and that their lessons often amount to little more than propaganda to indoctrinate students.

“The Chinese government continually cracks down on ‘Western values’ in the classroom by sending state-sponsored inspectors to monitor teachers — particularly in higher education — for ‘improper’ remarks,” the Free Beacon reported.

“Communist Party leader Xi Jinping has said that China’s schools and teachers must ‘serve the Communist Party in its management of the country.'”

Darling-Hammond has also praised communist China on Twitter, cooing in 2018 that “China’s population of 1.38 billion is more than 4x the population of the US. Yet the 213 school shootings in the US since 2000 is 71 times the 3 such shootings in China. Any way you do the math, our children are suffering in ways that no other major country allows.”

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Darling-Hammond neglected to mention that official Chinese crime statistics are often inaccurate.

“She also ignored the numerous stabbings that plague Chinese schools,” according to the Free Beacon. “In October 2018, a woman stabbed 14 children in a kindergarten class. In April 2018, nine students were murdered at a middle school.”

The pressure to mold the minds of China’s youth particularly ramps up as they approach university-level education, Voice of America has reported.

“Adherence to the party’s leadership is essential to the development of higher education in the country,” Chinese President Xi Jinping said in 2016, Reuters reported, citing the state-run Xinhua News Agency.

Xi added that China must “build universities into strongholds that adhere to party leadership.”

Moreover, Xi said, in essence, that the purpose of education — especially higher education — is basically to brainwash youth into becoming compliant members of the CCP.

“The party’s policies in education must be fully carried out,” he said.

Darling-Hammond was widely considered an early favorite to be named Biden’s secretary of education pick. However, she removed herself from consideration for the Cabinet post in November, saying she wants to stay in California.

In October, meanwhile, Biden signaled that he would be soft on China, vowing to “collaborate” with the CCP.

Keep in mind that Democrats spent the past four-plus years viciously attacking President Donald Trump and defaming him as a “Russian asset” simply for suggesting that the United States should try to get along with Russia.

Now, it’s doubtful that Democrats and their establishment media lapdogs will do anything more than nod approvingly as Biden cozies up to communist China.

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