Bidens Taking a Long Weekend Getaway at Camp David as World Watches Fall of Afghanistan in Horror


UPDATE, Aug. 16, 2021: Following the publication of this article, which noted that President Biden was expected to remain at Camp David until Wednesday, the White House said he would be returning to Washington on Monday and delivering remarks on the situation in Afghanistan. This article, and its headlines, remain as published. 

President Joe Biden is taking a lot of flak this weekend for retreating to Camp David as 20 years of U.S. investment in Afghanistan comes crumbling down now that the Taliban is set to topple the regime friendly toward the U.S.

As of Saturday, Taliban fighters were encroaching on Kabul as 3,000 U.S. troops were in Afghanistan to assist with mass evacuations ahead of the expected fall of the Afghan capital.

“Clearly from their actions, it appears as if [the Taliban] are trying to get Kabul isolated,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, The Associated Press reported.

Troops are in the country on what is essentially a rescue mission as Kabul will presumably fall soon.

While Taliban fighters pillage their way across the country, Biden and first lady Jill Biden were criticized for taking a weekend off. Biden headed off to the presidential retreat from Delaware on Friday, when he was briefed about the calamity in Afghanistan. He was originally expected to remain in Maryland on vacation until next Wednesday, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported.

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But while Biden takes even more time off, 20 years of gains in Afghanistan, America’s longest war, are being undone in a matter of weeks.

Biden was hit hard on social media for his absence during the latest crisis unfolding under his administration.

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The White House on Saturday posted a photo on Twitter that showed Biden working at Camp David.

“This morning, the President and Vice President held a video conference with the national security team to discuss the ongoing efforts to draw down our civilian footprint in Afghanistan. In addition, the President and Vice President were briefed on the earthquake in Haiti,” the White House tweeted.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki this past week defended the president’s ill-timed vacation.

“He likes Camp David. It’s a place to be outside, spend time with family, and certainly has beautiful, beautiful scenery there,” she said during her daily media briefing on Wednesday.

The White House also put out a statement Friday, saying Biden would be kept in the loop about what is occurring in Afghanistan.

“Earlier today, the President was briefed by members of his national security team on the ongoing efforts to safely drawdown the civilian footprint in Afghanistan. He will get further briefings later today,” the statement read, the New York Post reported.

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