Battle for Kabul Imminent: Taliban Overrun Province, Appear Just 8 Miles Away from Afghan Capital


The Taliban is reportedly preparing to take Kabul as the country of Afghanistan has quickly fallen into enemy hands following U.S. preparations to exit the country after two decades.

The Associated Press reported the terror group is on the outskirts of the Afghan capital after seizing another nearly two provinces on Saturday.

Since the beginning of the month, Taliban fighters have launched offenses across the country after 20 years of occupation by the U.S. and other allied forces.

Of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, the Taliban now control about 20 of them. U.S.-backed Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said Saturday the country was in the midst of consultations with various government officials.

As of Saturday morning, the Taliban has taken the Logar province south of Kabul. Taliban fighters also encroached on the Char Asyab district roughly eight miles south of the city.

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The expectation is that the Afghan military will collapse soon as Kabul is expected to fall. Reports and images shared on social media show a city in a panic as people attempt to escape.

Despite billions of dollars and 20 years invested by the U.S. military in training Afghans to fight, the country’s armed forces have been no match for the Taliban as insurgents have taken vast swaths of territory.

Some areas seized by fighters have contained vehicles and weapons left behind by the U.S. military.

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Taliban forces, per reports, are now using American military weapons as they seek to conquer all of Afghanistan. With them so close to Kabul, a battle to take the city appears to be imminent while U.S. troops are now deployed in the city to protect the American embassy, the AP reported.

President Joe Biden left Washington this week for another retreat to his home state of Delaware, CBS News reported.

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