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Biker Sees Kitten Inches Away from Being Flattened, Drives into Oncoming Traffic To Help

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One cat is not enough.

Maybe you’re the sort of person who has incredible self-control and can resist adorable faces and sad eyes, but some people just find themselves attracting animals.

That was the case for a woman who goes by the moniker “Laney” and pulled a rather fast stunt to save a life that was slated for destruction. The heart-stopping rescue video was posted in 2015, and has since caught the attention of millions of people.

You’ve probably been in a similar situation at least once or twice in your life: You’re driving when you realize that there’s a poor frightened creature scurrying across the road.

None of us likes this sort of situation because many times we end up getting a front-row seat to a horrible end. But Laney wasn’t prepared to sit by and watch the tiny orange kitten be killed.

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She tried to wave at the oncoming traffic to get cars to slow down, but they didn’t seem to notice there was a cat dancing between their wheels. She hopped off her bike and then ran into the intersection, risking her life in the process.


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Fortunately she made it to the kitten in time, scooping him up and rushing him to another anxious bystander who’d pulled over to try to help.

Would you risk your life for an animal?

“He was so small in the middle of that big road, and I thought he was a leaf until he moved,” Laney told ABC. “I literally cannot watch the video anymore because how many times he escaped death just kills me.”

“I’m just so thankful that the woman in the video, who I later learned was named Dana, was there, and she looked like she was about to run and get him too,” she continued.

As you can see in the video, Laney decided to take the kitten home. We all know how that goes: He went home with her and never left.


“His name, Skidmark, is a little bit of dark humor,” she admitted, “but we thought it was appropriate considering that’s exactly what he could’ve been.”

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Many people thought the red car in the video threw the kitten out, but Laney maintains that she saw him fall from the undercarriage.

“I heard it’s very common, especially once it starts getting cold, for stray cats to climb up into engine block or somewhere underneath car to stay warm,” she said. “So Skidmark probably was there and just jumped out. He is just so, so lucky. I’m just glad that he’s OK, and he’s been doing well. He’s a very energetic kitty.”

The 4-week-old kitten made himself right at home and was soon joined by another kitten that Laney’s husband found. The crystal-eyed kitten was named Daenerys, and the rest is history.

The two are all grown up now and have had plenty of adventures and misadventures. They have an Instagram account, too, just like all modern pets, that highlights their lives in the cutest sort of way.

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